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Land Shark is a 2020 Chinese science fiction action horror film about a huge mutant shark that can fly and hunt on land too. Directed by Cheng Siyu.

The boss of a pharmaceutical company has invested in the establishment of a biopharmaceutical research laboratory located deep in the jungle.

By modifying the shark gene to develop a new type of anti-cancer drug, a huge crisis also developed too: due to the change of the shark’s gene, the gene mutation was fierce and showed the characteristics of other organisms…

“Despite the mundane [albeit cheezy] title and concept, this popcorn movie manages to transcend any low expectations into the realm of extraordinary through a cast of well-drawn characters, crisp dialogue and heart-thumping action.” Asian Cult Cinema

“Contrast this to the similarly themed, Western take, Sand Sharks. Even when deadpan, it still offers a knowing wink to the audience in lines such as, “We’re stuck between a rock and a shark place.” None of that malarkey here, and the results may be all the better for it. At the very least, such an approach is a useful distraction from any questionable technical elements, and helps this succeed, albeit on its own terms.” Rating: B Film Blitz


“We do get a few scenes of mass destruction in the middle of the film. But, for the most part, Land Shark stays on its deserted island and lets the monster chew its way through some corporate mercenaries while the good guys try to find a way to stop it […] Land Shark doesn’t have the outrageous setting of something like Snow Monster, but it’s still a perfectly acceptable way to kill some time.” Voices from the Balcony

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