What Goes Around (2020) reviews and overview

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‘Secrets can bind. Karma can be killer.’

What Goes Around is a 2020 Australian slasher horror feature film about a timid college student who discovers her crush could be a notorious serial killer.

Written and directed by Sam Hamilton, making his feature debut, the Severed Minds production stars Catherine Morvell, Jesse Bouma, Gabrielle Pearson and Charles Jazz Terrier.

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“Hamilton’s direction is uninspired but functional, however, the script fails to effectively build the cast of characters beyond caricatures or create any real stakes throughout the story […] the reveal is obvious from the get-go so it’s hard to get behind the characters as they fumble for the clear answer.” Bloody Flicks

“Not that the lack of such subtleties proves an anchor for What Goes Around, as Hamilton knows what makes the genre tick. The balance of charismatic performers, a bloody body count and the occasional wink to the audience in service of the mid-level mystery plot is what rejuvenated the slice-&-dice romp 25 years ago, and may do again.” Screen-Space


What Goes Around is available globally via Genflix and Amazon Prime.

Cast and characters:

Catherine Morvell … Erin Macneil
Jesse Bouma … Alex Harrison
Gabrielle Pearson … Rachel Pearson
Charles Jazz Terrier … Cameron Bendel
Taylor Pearce … Jake Grant
Aly Zhang … Cara Michaels
Maximillian Johnson … Tom Roberts
Ace Whitman … Marnie Stone
Tim Smith … Cafe Manager
Erina Yamada … Heidi
Tim K Williams … Max
Laura Lillywhite … Cyclist
Christopher O’Brien … Snuff film victim #1
Sheree Perkins … Snuff film victim #2
Mathew Scerri … Snuff film victim #3

Technical details:

78 minutes

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