ALIEN ADDICTION (2019) Reviews and overview of comedy sci-fi movie


‘One man, two aliens, same buzz.’

Alien Addiction is a 2019 New Zealand science-fiction comedy feature film about a stoner slacker who makes friends with two aliens.

Written and directed by Shae Sterling, the Zonic TV production stars Jimi Jackson, Thomas Sainsbury (Dead; Wellington Paranormal; Guns Akimbo) and JoJo Waaka.


Riko (Jimi Jackson) lives in a small town in the middle of nowhere (Waikato, New Zealand). Life was pretty normal until two aliens crash-landed near Riko’s house.

Riko welcomes the aliens and together they develop an intergalactic relationship of epic proportions. Meanwhile, alientologist Peter Mackintosh (Thomas Sainsbury) has tracked the aliens and Riko and plans to capture them and reveal them to the world…


“If there is any other weakness here, it’s that sometimes the material doesn’t quite hit the mark, but generally, if you surrender to the madness, there is a good time to be had here. Much like a lot of Cheech and Chong’s material and Bad Taste, it can switch from genius to crass and not lose the audience, so although uneven, holds its own.” NerdSpan

“The film begins to fall down around the middle-half, the jokes, or rather singular joke, begins to wear a bit thin and the movie struggles to maintain the pace and energy we had when our four main guys were together […] But, for a funny, goofball-style movie, Alien Addiction is a good film…” OC Movie Reviews

” …Sterling has tapped into that specific brand of brash New Zealand humour we find in the likes of Taika Waititi and Jermaine Clements and exploited it for all that it’s worth; creating a riotously funny and gross-out sci-fi comedy that has all the makings of a cult hit, like if Half Baked and E.T. had a squishy blue baby.” Screen Queens


Alien Addiction will be available On-Demand, Blu-ray and DVD on September 29th 2020 via Gravitas Ventures.

Cast and characters:

Jimi Jackson … Riko
Thomas Sainsbury … Peter Macintosh
JoJo Waaka … Jacinta
Harry Summerfield … Rabbit
Ayham Ghalayini … Saleem
Tane Huata … Hemi
Tukairangi Maxwell … Tama
Veronica Edwards … Auntie
Steven Samuel Johnston … Jeff
Troy Kingi … Forestry worker
Mel Price … Gurgus
Kelvin Taylor … DJ
Phoebe Loloma Trezevant-Miller … Zoe

Technical details:

95 minutes
Aspect Ratio: 2.35: 1


Ignore the fake 9/10 and 10/10 reviews posted on IMDb.

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