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32 Malasaña Street is a 2020 Spanish horror feature film about a family that moves into a neighbourhood of Madrid in the ’70s. Unfortunately, their new home will become the worst of their nightmares. Original title: Malasaña 32

Directed by Albert Pintó from a screenplay co-written by Ramón Campos, Gema R. Neira, David Orea and Salvador S. Molina, the movie stars Begoña Vargas, Iván Marcos, Bea Segura and Sergio Castellanos.


Manolo and Candela settle in the neighbourhood of Malasaña, in Madrid, with their three children and Grandpa Fermín. They have left behind their old village in search of the prosperity that the capital of a country in a transitional period seems to offer.

However, there is something the Olmedo family does not know: they are not alone in the home that they have just bought. An unknown presence wants them out and wants to make their new life their worst nightmare…


32 Malasaña Street offers a paint-by-numbers haunter that retreads familiar ground. It’s a thinly written story with even more frustratingly bland characters. Still, if all you’re in the mood for is a horror movie that offers a spooky atmosphere and a ghost that unnerves, Pintó and Botet deliver on that much at least.” Bloody Disgusting

sadly, the film decides to relay on jump scares, instead of its sinister imagery, which becomes weary after a while, with the weakest bit being its built-on-tropes plot that wants to unfold the ghost’s mystery, grippingly, but it’s too muddled and crowded to succeed at it.” CineMarvellous!

32 Malasaña would have had more power had it spent more time exploring the ideas which gave the film some uniqueness. He does not leave loose ends story-wise, so it seems odd that Pintó chose not to dig deeper into the themes he developed. His characters deserved to have their drama explored more in-depth and earlier, both the living and the dead.” Killer Horror Critic

” …yet another film that’s perfectly watchable and enjoyable, but also predictable. It’s the Spanish equivalent of an entry in the Conjuring or Insidious franchise. It looks good, it’ll make you jump and you’ll have a good time. But it’s nothing you haven’t seen before.” Voices from the Balcony


Premiered in Spain on 16th January 2020. Streaming on Shudder from October 22nd 2020. The film will be released on DVD and Digital in the USA on July 20 via RLJE Films.

Cast and characters:

Begoña Vargas … Amparo
Iván Marcos … Manolo
Bea Segura … Candela
Sergio Castellanos … Pepe
José Luis de Madariaga … Fermín
Iván Renedo … Rafael
Concha Velasco … Sra. Dávalos (Maruja)
Javier Botet … Anciana Clara / Administrador
María Ballesteros … Lola
Rosa Álvarez … Susana
Almudena Salort … Clara joven
Hugo Fuertes … Hermano pequeño
Álex Fuertes … Hermano mayor
Antonio Del Olmo … Director del Banco
Eduardo Antuña … Dueño de la Pensión
Ricardo Reguera … Vecino
Mariam Torres … Julia
Daniela Saludes … Encargado Galerías
Paco Ochoa … Encargado Fábrica
José Navar … Médico
Pablo Vázquez … Agente de Policía 1
Miguel Ramiro … Agente de Policía 2
Josan Grau … Taxista
Gema Santoyo … Sirvienta

Production companies:

4 Cats Pictures
Atresmedia Cine
Bambú Producciones
Mr Fields and Friends
Warner Bros.

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