THE RETURN (2018) Reviews of sci-fi horror movie plus release news


The Return is a 2018 Canadian science-fiction horror feature film about a successful college student who returns to his family home. Once there he learns that the horrors from his childhood aren’t as dead and gone as he once thought.

Directed by Bj Verot from a screenplay co-written with Ken Janssens, the Strata Studios production stars Richard Harmon, Sara Thompson, Echo Porisky and Marina Stephenson Kerr.

Release date:

In the USA, The Return will be released On-Demand and Digital by Uncork’d Entertainment on August 10, 2021.


“A clever note and very strong third act don’t completely cover some of the script problems and even the fresh context of said ending doesn’t completely excuse some well-trodden territory, but for me it was like walking a familiar trail and taking a sudden left into undiscovered ruins. The rough parts are still rough but the experience overall is memorable and exciting.” Blood Brothers

” …wraps up nicely, with just enough mystery to get people talking and debating as they leave the movie. The Return provides startling scares, some fantastically frightening entities, and a psychologically disturbing series of reveals that keep you on your toes from start to finish.” Horror Buzz

“The look of the production would suggest a larger studio effort, and Verot’s sharp camera eye that he proved with Echoes in the Ice are once again is on display. One of the subtle cinematic tricks Verot employed was to change the aspect ratio when doing flashbacks, as well as employing a little bit of a herky-jerky tilt-shift visual trick to suggest the fallibility of memory. There are a couple of unresolved elements…” The Scariest Things

“It’s all very familiar, and the science fiction angle is obvious from the start […] The trippy sequences during the climax are, once again, well done if familiar looking. The film does move at an energetic pace and doesn’t drag. So if you like the current crop of haunted house films like Portal and Ghosts of Darkness you shouldn’t have a problem with The Return.” Voices from the Balcony


Cast and characters:

Richard Harmon … Rodger Emmerlich
Sara Thompson … Beth Struman
Echo Porisky … Jordan Hasbury
Marina Stephenson Kerr … Doctor Henrietta Cox
Erik Athavale … Oswald Emmerlich
Gwendolyn Collins … Esme Emmerlich
Zoe Fish … Amelia Emmerlich
Keaton Fish … Young Rodger Emmerlich
Kristen Sawatzky … Entity
Maclean Fish … Teen Rodger Emmerlich
Callie Lane … Teen Jordan
Adam Brooks … Max Shackleford
Jaydee-Lynn McDougall … Tanya
Jan Skene … Grace


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