SNAKES (2018) Chinese mega snake action horror


Snakes is a 2018 Chinese comedy action horror film about massive man-eating snakes that lives on a remote island. Also known as Snake and Chinese Anacona

Written and directed by Lin Zhenzhao (The Enchanting Phantom; Monkey King: The Volcano), the movie stars Huang Kailun, Zheng Yue, Xi Meili and Yang Yong.

A sequel, Snakes 2, also directed by Lin Zhenzhao, was released in 2019.


During World War II, Japanese soldiers come across a huge size snake in the jungle on an uninhabited island.

In 2018, a Chinese cancer research group together with Lin Qi, an elementary school teacher and author of an Encyclopedia on Prehistoric Animals, travel to the same island, now nicknamed ‘Resurrection Island’ to search for an important cadmium-filled plant, “the fruit of life, blood-sucking begonias”.

Beyond a fog barrier that lies around the remote island, they encounter vicious flying butterfish, exploding bomb fruits, glass fireflies, a giant man-eating plant (which looks like Audrey from The Little Shop of Horrors) and monster snakes


” …the best way to describe Snakes is a Syfy movie done right. It’s nicely paced with something popping up every few minutes to keep things from getting dull. And while logic and scientific accuracy aren’t the script’s strong points the film never gets insultingly stupid either. Apart from its attempts at humour that is, they were cringe-inducing in all the wrong ways.” Voices from the Balcony

Choice dialogue:

CK aka Fattie: “Don’t worry. Women? It’s normal for a woman to have an attitude.”


The movie was released in China on 4th September 2018.

Original title:

大蛇 “Big Snake”

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