SON (2021) Review of disturbing supernatural horror


Son is a 2021 Irish supernatural horror film about a mother who must decide how far she will go to protect her boy from terrifying forces.

Written and directed by Ivan Kavanagh (The Canal; The Fading Light; Our Wonderful Home; The Solution), the Belladonna Productions-Elastic Film-Park Films production stars Emile Hirsch (Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood; Freaks; The Autopsy of Jane Doe), Andi Matichak (Halloween Kills; Halloween 2018; Assimilate), Luke David Blumm (The Walking Dead series) and Erin Bradley Dangar.


Having escaped from a demonic cult as a child, a mother’s past catches up with her when its sinister members break into her home and attempt to steal her eight-year-old boy for their ritual. Now on the run with her son, he becomes deathly sick. Something has changed in him since his aborted kidnap. Doctors are baffled and only a sharp police detective seems to believe her story.

Having observed that her boy makes a miraculous recovery when he has tasted human blood, she follows her maternal instinct by committing murder to keep her son alive. However, after numerous unspeakable acts, she is still losing the battle with the demon growing inside him and questions how she can save her son…


RLJE Films will release Son theatrically, On-Demand and Digital on March 5th 2021.

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Cast and characters:

Emile Hirsch … Paul
Andi Matichak … Laura
Luke David Blumm … David
Erin Bradley Dangar … Susan
Rocco Sisto … Doctor Bradlee
Kristine Nielsen … Mrs Naegle
Wanetah Walmsley … ICU Nurse
Ethan McDowell … Doctor Lundberg
Cranston Johnson Cranston Johnson … Steve
David Kallaway … Pimp
Garrett Kruithof … Deutsch
Blaine Maye … Jimmy Naegle
Adam Stephenson … Steve Walker
Matthew Sean Blumm … Paramedic
Britton Webb … First Policeman

Technical details:

98 minutes
Aspect ratio: 2.39:1



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The Canal – Ireland, 2014