MANDAO RETURNS (2020) Reviews and overview of comedy horror sequel


Mandao Returns is a 2020 American comedy horror film about the further paranormal adventures of the titular character. The movie is a sequel to Mandao of the Dead (2018).

Written, directed by and co-starring Scott Dunn, the Dunnit Films production also stars Jenny Lorenzo, Alexandre Chen, Jim O’Doherty and Sean Liang.


Christmas is in the air as Jay astral projects back in time to prevent the death of a B-movie star. However, the more Jay and his friends mess with time, the deadlier Christmas becomes…


“Ultimately, with Mandao Returns, Dunn reminds us that an independent filmmaker on a tight budget can deliver gold with little more than a strong script and solid actors. His movies aren’t flashy, and that’s exactly what makes them so appealing […] he brings us relatable characters, a classic sense of humor, and something tangible…” Film Threat

Mandao Returns may well be more of the same, but with so many returning actors it felt like this was better established. The humour is often bizarre rather than laugh out loud funny, and the story is simple, yet as a movie to put on to just forget about the real world this works as pleasant escapism.” The Rotting Zombie

” …while its approach is all-out comedic, it takes its premise seriously, and much of the humour is actually derived from its thought through storyline. And while the budget of this movie certainly wasn’t the highest, the film doesn’t try to be bigger than it is but uses what it has to the fullest.” Search My Trash

“It’s not out to be intensely frightening, but it has plenty of scares. It has its share of humour, but it doesn’t let the jokes stop it from being scary or suspenseful when it needs to be […] I do wish we had found out a bit more about The Population. It had me thinking of the cult from Starry Eyes, and while I like that film, it would also be a great target for parody.” Voices from the Balcony

Cast and characters:

Jenny Lorenzo … Aura Garcia
Alexandre Chen … Raymond Mandao
Scott Dunn … Jay Mandao
Jim O’Doherty … Ted Williams
Sean Liang … Cousin Andy
Gina Gomez Dunn … Fer
Sean McBride … Jackson O’Hare

Technical details:

Aspect ratio: 2.35: 1


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