HEART OF THE HOME (2021) Review of roommate horror

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‘Hatred is everywhere.’

Heart of the Home is a 2021 American horror film about a young woman that takes in a roommate who makes wigs from human hair. Her life soon turns into a living nightmare…

Directed by David Palmieri (Claw 2: Blood Legacy; Witchcraft 14, 15 and 16; Axegrinder; Darkworld) from a screenplay co-written by Sami Sonnesso and Elisabeth Steen-Nokleberg, based on the latter’s original story. Produced by David Palmieri and Elisabeth Steen-Nokleberg.



Sharing a small Los Angeles apartment, Natalie and Kimiko are looking for a third roommate to share the rent. Tired of conducting interviews they accept Miko to move in with no renters contract or background check, to get the process over with.

However, Natalie quickly senses something is not right. What started out seemingly as a personality clash, quickly turns into a power-play between Natalie and Miko. Miko’s inner world of anger, hatred and madness is gradually manifesting outward, causing a living nightmare for everyone who encounters her…


“Directed by David Palmieri (Seeking a Friend for the End of the World), Heart of the Home is an intriguing, cautionary tale of terror that’ll leave indie lovers chilled with its haunting conclusion which is backed by a great cast with authentic performances.” Pop Horror

“The acting is awful, the script is even worse, and the director/cinematographer should never be allowed to work a camera again. Too many oddly framed shots and close-ups and cuts, and no idea how to light scenes to create tension without washing it all out. Just skip it. There is nothing redeemable…” Ravencorinncarluk

Cast and characters:

Elisabeth Steen-Nokleberg … Natalie
Mia Ando … Miko (as Miho Ando)
Yukina Takase … Kimiko
Rachel Amanda Bryant … Madison
Matthew Ryan Anderson … Darren
Tremain Hayhoe … Emilio
Chloe Brewer … Rachel
Andrew J. Jackson … James
Joel Slabo … Ruben
Kazumi Zatkin … Shino
Paul Denk … Detective Manning
Joseph Luckay … Officer
Tyler Antoine Gordon … Johnny
Oriko Ikeda … Miho
Miho Fuji … Yuko
Asami Kasuya … Fumi
Christian Dorris … Biker
Naoki Kondo … Katori

Filming locations:

Los Angeles, California

Technical details:

80 minutes
Aspect ratio: 16:9 HD


Ignore the obviously fake 10/10 reviews on IMDb.


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