LAZARUS (2021) Reviews and overview of fantasy action movie


Lazarus is a 2021 American action film in which a super-powered supernatural vigilante fights an organization to free a city from a crime spree.

Written and directed by R.L. Scott (Bayne; I Think My Babysitter’s an Alien), the Overdog Entertainment, Phoenix Rising Films, Wonder Studios production stars Sean Riggs (Branded; Call Me King), Costas Mandylor (Cosmic Sin; Incision; Saw franchise), Shane Brolly and Nicki Micheaux.

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“The film’s supernatural element is sort of like that seen in Timothy Woodward Jr’s schlocky Checkmate, but the execution is vastly more competent (admittedly, that is a super-low bar to clear). It is still the weakest part of Lazarus. However, there are a number of impressively tough and gritty fight scenes, which is really what you want from a film like this.” J.B. Spins


Lazarus is available for free streaming via Tubi.

Cast and characters:

Sean Riggs … Ray Lazarus
Costas Mandylor … Benjamin Poge
Shane Brolly … Hellborn
Nicki Micheaux … Nina Jacobs
Noel Gugliemi … Jupiter
Linc Hand … Pogo
Mya … Flora
Adamo Palladino … Testament
Christina Wren … Priscilla
Andre McCoy … Chapel
Kevin Lukata … Endless
Damian T. Raven … Poet
Sam Puefua … Rico
Aeriél Miranda … Ember
Lyndsey Lantz … Epiphany

Technical details:

105 minutes
Aspect ratio: 16:9 HD