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‘Don’t believe everything you hear’

The Voices is a 2020 American horror film about a blind and pregnant young woman who hears the dead talking to her. Also known as Voices

Directed by Nathaniel Nuon from a screenplay co-written with Daniel Hathcock, the movie stars Ashley Bell, Jordan Ladd, Leslie Easterbrook and Valerie Jane Parker (Wrong Turn).


After visiting her father’s grave, Lilly and her mother are involved in a terrible car accident leaving Lilly orphaned and unable to see. In her youth, she struggles with her blindness and begins to hear voices. Unbeknownst to her, the voices don’t belong to the living.

After years of learning to cope, Lilly is now happily married with a baby on the way. Lilly soon discovers her unborn baby has become a vessel a second chance for souls stuck in limbo to be re-born. She only has until the baby’s first heartbeat to decide which soul will be re-born through her.

Now the voices she heard in her youth have returned, clamouring for the chance to come back. Among the voices, she befriends the spirit of a little girl tied to a years-old cold case. Lilly finds herself in a desperate struggle with the girl’s murderers and the souls vying to be born again…

Release date:

Vertical Entertainment will release The Voices theatrically and On-Demand on April 2nd 2021.


“The resolution of the conflict is too simple considering that much build-up. The acting is decent; Tracy Adkins is pretty good in the lead role, the supporting casts range from decent to good to atrocious. Overall, Voices does a good job in terms of character development and has a good production value but the plot stagnates a lot.” Abdulxoxo 

“Despite an intriguing premise and some solid craftsmanship, the story is way too confusing, the acting is spotty at best, the runtime is laboriously overstretched, the scare tactics are too scant and ineffective, and the overall tone registers as a weepy Lifetime movie of the week. Honestly, you’re better off watching the 2014 Ryan Reynolds horror-comedy of the same name instead.” Arrow in the Head

“The central conceit of a blind girl rising past a rough childhood and the voices that helped her deal with the loss of her sight becoming either demonic or cold cases left behind is a fantastic storytelling engine that a lot can be done with. Instead, this movie is never sure what movie it wants to be.” B&S About Movies

“If you’re a fan of ghost stories then you might find that some of the ideas appeal to you, if not so much their execution. There are parts of the film which successfully hit the so-bad-it’s-good sweet spot and provoke inadvertent laughter, and its overly complicated plot at least means that there’s always something happening.” Eye for Film

” …the unique plot and fruitful character exploration is enough to still keep the viewer’s attention. Even with its faults, it is still an enjoyable film with a compelling plot, well-fleshed out main character, and many gripping, emotion-filled scenes, and although the horror aspects could use some work, they still function enough to maintain intrigue and move the plot forward.” Film Festival Today

“An hour and forty-five minutes of three seemingly different films, meandering ghosts, and dead people, and shoes later and the film ends. There is a lot of emphasis on babies, people wanting to snatch kids, ghosts that say they have lost their baby […] The ending is good, and it ties The Voices together in a surprisingly satisfying way.” Nerdly

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Technical details:

108 minutes
Aspect ratio: 2.35: 1


Not to be confused with The Voices (2020) which stars Lin ShayeBrendan Sexton III, Jessica Sonneborn and Amanda Markowitz.

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