SOUR (2021) Preview of crime horror thriller


‘Murder is a deadly taste’

Sour is a 2021 American crime horror film about a down on his luck detective and his niece who move into a house that seems haunted.

Written and directed by Clay Moffatt (Monster; The Last Five Days; Silver Woods; Star Man 2014), the Overnight Pictures production stars Natalie Maher, Bourke Floyd, Joell Yan and Adam Berardi.


When a down on his luck detective moves into what appears to be a haunted house with his niece their lives will change forever. Their creepy landlord displays abusive behaviour that might prove the bad things people say about him are true.

Cast and characters:

Natalie Maher … Kaylee
Bourke Floyd … Marcus
Joell Yan … Amanda
Adam Berardi … James
Elise Hurst … Violet
Rachel Madzey … Amanda’s Mother
Ryan Harrison Riffle … Jeremy
Jay Alfonso Lopez Jr. … Elliot

Technical details:

70 minutes
Aspect ratio: 1.78: 1


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