PASTURE (2020) Review of psychological horror


Pasture is a 2020 American horror film about a young woman seeking treatment for her schizophrenia who is taken captive by a deranged doctor. Subjected to illegal experimentation, her attempts to escape are blocked by those around her, as she loses touch with her already loose grip on reality.

Directed and edited by Sean Hardaway – making his feature debut – from a screenplay written by Alexis Roblan, the Rook Productions movie stars Abigail Rose, Kimberley Christann Pember (Destination Marfa), Brian Kelly (Delusional), Scot Scurlock (The Desecrated Ones; Homestead; The Cure Game; Painkiller; Death Ranch) and Sarah J. Bartholomew (Sweet Taste of Souls; Beverly Hills Ghost; Alien Convergence)

Cast and characters:

Abigail Rose … Sarah
Kimberley Christann Pember … Ingrid (as Kimberley Pember)
Brian Kelly … James
Scot Scurlock … Errol
Sarah J. Bartholomew … Chloe
Hunter Brosig … Hank
Justin Ray … Sam
Eddie Villareal … Antonio
Avery Merrifield … Feral Man
Corey Villareal … Hunter 1
Wesley Stewart … Hunter 2
Cadence Younts … Young Sarah
Claire McKinney … Young Ingrid
Gabriel Grant … Young Errol

Technical details:

100 minutes
Aspect ratio: 2.35: 1

Fun facts:

Director Sean Hardaway was previously a cinematographer on Gutboy: A Badtime Story (2017).


MOVIES and MANIA mini-review and rating:

“Consciousness is a mental disorder that deserves to be treated.” Plotwise, Pasture seem like a conventional exploitation pic, however, it leans more heavily into elevated horror territory. But in a good way. Abigail Rose is excellent as the confused and psychologically tortured lead undergoing “transcranial magnetic stimulation” and there is some truly nightmarish imagery depicting her mental state, beautifully captured by MJ Johnston. Perhaps a tad too long and some viewers may find its non-linear approach frustrating but Pasture is nonetheless fairly fascinating for most of its running time.

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