TOOTH FAIRY: THE LAST EXTRACTION (2021) Reviews and free to watch online



‘You better floss…’

Tooth Fairy: The Last Extraction is a 2021 British supernatural horror in which Corey is still tormented by the heinous Tooth Fairy. Also known as Tooth Fairy 3. The movie is a sequel to Tooth Fairy (2019) and Tooth Fairy: The Root of Evil (2020).

Directed by Louisa Warren (Legend of the Lizard Man; The Leprechaun’s Game; Virtual Death MatchCurse of the Scarecrow) from a screenplay written by Tom Jolliffe (Amityville WitchesScarecrow’s Revenge). Co-produced by Scott Jeffrey (director of Don’t SpeakCupidClown DollThe Bad Nun; et al) and Louisa Warren.

The ChampDog Films production stars Andrew Rolfe, Annie Knox, Lucinda Nicole, Joanne Barker, Lee Hancock, Lewis Hodson, Rob Drake, Elizabeth Oladapo and Evangelina Burton.



“What Tooth Fairy: The Last Extraction has going for it over the previous films is the rather clever pre-cursor to the tooth fairy’s arrival – things going wrong with people’s mouths. Be it a toothache, a spot of blood, there’s always something to signify worse is on the way. It’s very much like the strange occurrences of the Nightmare on Elm Street series; and given the more supernatural bent of this franchise that’s not a surprise.” Nerdly


“The last half hour sees The Tooth Fairy finally turn up and people start dying. Sometimes killed by the creature, other times by whoever it’s possessing at the moment. The methods used are equally uneven […]There are also several flashbacks to mayhem from the first two films mixed in to try and make up for the film’s low body count. Unfortunately, the film’s fiery climax is done so cheaply it’s almost laughable.” Voices from the Balcony


Release date:

ITN Distribution will apparently release Tooth Fairy: The Last Extraction on September 2nd 2021. In the meantime, they have posted the film free to watch on YouTube.

Cast and characters:

Andrew Rolfe … Corey
Annie Knox … Sally/Tooth Fairy
Lucinda Nicole … Christy
Joanne Barker … Diane
Lee Hancock … Benny
Lewis Hodson … Toby
Rob Drake … John
Elizabeth Oladapo … Michaela
Evangelina Burton … Heather
Anthony Howes … Malcolm
Anna Liddell … Jess
Tom Taplin … Doctor Craven
Mark Sears … Joe
Shawn C. Phillips … YouTuber Sam

Technical details:

93 minutes


Movie timeline:

Full film free to watch on YouTube:

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