KOTODAMA – SPIRITUAL CURSE (2014) Reviews and overview

Kotodama – Spiritual Curse is a 2014 Japanese horror film about mysterious events that begin to happen to a group of schoolgirl friends. Also known as Haunted School: The Curse of the Word Spirit

Written and directed by Masayuki Ochiai, based on Gakkō no Kaidan (“School Ghost Stories”).

The L.T. Co. production stars Hitomi Arai, Shôno Hayama, Kai Inowaki, Anna Ishibashi, Ayano Konishi, Tatsuya Kuroki and Yuri Nakae.


” …this is actually a pretty intriguing picture. It’s often so weird that it just becomes unsettling. The movie exhibits little regard for keeping the audience in the loop. It just throws out scene after scene of horror weirdness, doing very little to indicate what it is that holds all of these together. It should feel frustrating, but it isn’t.” Click the City

Cast and characters:

Hitomi Arai … Hitomi
Shôno Hayama … Yuji
Kai Inowaki … Mitsuo
Anna Ishibashi … Shiori
Ayano Konishi … Ayano
Tatsuya Kuroki … Kimio
Yuri Nakae … Yuri
Mei Shôji … Mei
Kôhei Takeda … Ikki
Miyu Yamabe … Miyu

Technical details:

105 minutes

Original title:

学校の怪談 呪いの言霊 aka Gakkou no kaidan: Noroi no kotodama

Fun facts:

The main cast includes the five members of the Japanese idol girl group Tokyo Girls’ Style.


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