DRAGON POND MONSTER (2020) Review and overview


Dragon Pond Monster is a 2020 Chinese-Thai science-fiction action horror film in which biochemical pollution has created mutated species. Also known as The Monster

Directed by Chartchai Ketnust from a screenplay co-written by Chen Xiang and Tabf Lu, the Magenta & Filmolic-Glory Tent Pictures production stars Yuexin Li, Yusen Ke, Yanshu Jiang, Lei Kai, Peihao Lin, Ge Qi and Kai Sun.

The monster animatronic effects were created by The Ronin Hub.


in a Southeast Asian country, chemical waste pollution has caused the creatures in Longtan Lake aka Dragon Lake to become terribly mutated. At the same time, under the leadership of the local guide He Chao, a group of people from China embark on an expedition tour of Longtan Lake and Sanctuary hoping to catch a glimpse of an ancient mythical beast.

Along the way, the group is attacked by strange and deadly creatures such as a man-eating plant and a giant Python snake. In the end, how will they overcome the danger, defeat the giant beast and escape their perilous situation?


Cast and characters:

Lei Kai … He Chao
Li Yuexin … Na Na
Qi Ge … Yi Yi
Sun Kai … Xiao Yong
Ke Yusen … Da Yong
Jiang Yanshu … Xiao Xin
Lin Peihao … Professor Hu
Chi Ji … Huang Lingling

Technical details:

81 minutes

Original title:

龙潭巨兽 aka Long tan ju shou “Dragon Pool Giant Beast”


Watch the full film free online at iQIY

MOVIES and MANIA comment and rating:

The plot is packed full of monster movie tropes but at least the technical credits are better than usual, the cliched characters are slightly above the norm for such fare and the unusual, ungainly, ugly monster is distinctive. Plus, many of the effects are animatronic rather than CGI.

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