SOMETHING IN THE WOODS (2022) Reviews of Wendigo horror

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Something in the Woods is a 2022 American horror film about a newly famous reporter who is kidnapped. More disturbingly, she and her kidnapper encounter something much more sinister in the woods. Now they must work together to survive… Also known as Ravening Woods

Directed and co-produced by Alexander T. Hwang (Cold Blooded; Bearry; Paranormal Attraction; Lilith; Prey, in Cold Blood) from a screenplay written by Deanna Gomez (actress in Vengeance Girl). Also produced by Nicole Cinaglia, Robbie Dias, Kathleen W. Hwang and Pat Kusnadi.

The Tiberius Film production stars Nicole Cinaglia (Paranormal Attraction; Camp Dread), Vienna Hayden, Dave Sheridan (Scream Test; Camp Twilight; The Devil’s Rejects), Robbie Dias, Kevin Keppy and Dakota Jans.

In the US, Something in the Woods will be released by Uncork’d Entertainment on DVD and Digital on September 6, 2022.


“Director Alexander T. Hwang (Lilith) and writer Deanna Gomez […] try to make this a story about the news media in parts and in others, try and get some scares […] It’s also another movie that presents two horrible people and asks us to choose which one to cheer for. As always, I am on the side of the monster.” B&S About Movies

“A poor script and characters are not the only aspects lacking in Something in the Woods. The music could be one of the worst offenders in the film. Every piece of music seems to be a tiny piece that is being looped to fit the length of whatever scene needs it. It is both annoying and distracting.” 3 out of 10, Fiction Horizon

“The creature design is terrifying and easily the best part of the movie. It will give you nightmares when you get to see what it wants to do. The human characters, on the other hand, are not interesting, they both have selfish plans and it makes zero sense to work together. The location doesn’t feel that deep into the woods either…” 2 out of 5, Movie Reviews 101

“To say that the monster effects are very dodgy would be an understatement, and the POV shots for the very same monster only serve to remind the viewer that there’s a new Predator movie out, called Prey, which is what they should be watching instead of this. The score is kinda good, in an occasionally twinkly sounding way, but otherwise there’s nothing to recommend in this risible monster movie offering.” 1 out of 10, My Bloody Reviews

” …rather than putting effort into making the script frightening and the characters interesting, Hwang and Gomez are more interested in cutting away to news broadcasts that don’t add anything to the plot […] Something in the Woods fails as a monster movie and becomes yet another in the long line of failed attempts to make a good film centered around the legend of the Wendigo.” 1 out of 5 stars, Voices from the Balcony

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