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The Free Fall is a 2021 American horror film about a young woman’s struggles with her husband after she attempted to take her own life.

Directed by Adam Stilwell (The Triangle) from a screenplay written by Kent Harper (Surveillance). Produced by David Blair, Sean E. DeMott, Gill Gayle, Kent Harper, Paul Holbrook and Patrick Rizzotti.

The soundtrack score was composed by Joseph Bishara (MalignantThe UnholyDreamkatcherInsidious franchise; AnnabelleThe Convent).

The Crossroad Productions-Execution Style Entertainment-Hlbrk Ent co-production stars Andrea Londo, Shawn Ashmore, Jane Badler, Michael Berry Jr., Elizabeth Cappuccino and Dominic Hoffman.

[May contain spoilers] Reviews:

“There are chances taken in The Free Fall which you will either accept and go along with or it could derail the experience for you. There are breadcrumbs to larger plot points throughout […] The Free Fall however, is stylishly shot with a bombastic and thunderous score which only adds to its haunting motifs. A serviceable and creepy feature.” Bloody Flicks

“This movie has lived rent-free in my head since the credits rolled. I keep thinking about nods to other horror movies, the bits of foreshadowing that could only give glimpses of the much larger picture awaiting us when things turn toward the end. This film is art.” Dread Central

“A psychological thriller with heapings of gaslighting and horror, The Free Fall manages the impressive feat of tricking the audience into thinking it is one thing before revealing itself to be something more. The exciting nature of this shift makes any earlier niggles fade into the background, and whilst still not perfect, The Free Fall has a lot of good going for it.” The Hollywood News

“Whilst it has some eye-catching scenes […] The Free Fall lacks enough substance to sink your teeth into and left me disconnected from the story due to a lack of development of the characters […] Depending on how many horror movies you’ve watched, you may either be pleasantly surprised by The Free Fall or you’ll have seen it all before and be left wanting that bit more.” Horror Cult Films


“There are certain storylines and characters that need to be built up, but scenes get dragged out, or seem unnecessary, while the dialogue between some characters falls completely flat […] The Free Fall has some solid performances, visuals, and tension, with the feeling of dread making this a satisfying viewing experience.” Horror Geek Life

The Free Fall is a lush production, an absolute feast for the eyes, amplified by Londo’s classic beauty. The style seems to combine early noir (even with a character obviously modeled on Mrs Danvers) with seventies giallo: polished sophistication with sudden brutality. Like both of those thriller subgenres, the full picture is not clear until close to the end, and I defy anyone to put the pieces together before the writer (Kent Harper) is ready.” Horror Obsessive


“[The] dinner party sees The Free Fall descend into just that. A free fall of madness and oddity, one that elevates the film from typical psychological horror, following a myriad of tropes and cliches we’ve seen before, into something altogether different and altogether more terrifying. Yet oftentimes still we don’t know what’s real – it’s a brilliant quandary, ramping up the suspense and really driving The Free Fall forward.” Nerdly

” …sinfully delicious elegance and menace lurking within luxury. The final reveal is a shocker that somehow feels inevitable and will likely prove rewarding on rewatch. Though The Free Fall keeps most of its secrets close to the vest, it’s a haunting and relentless journey through a beautiful nightmare that you’ll want to return to.” Rue Morgue

Cast and characters (in credits order):

Andrea Londo … Sara
Shawn Ashmore … Nick
Jane Badler … Rose
Michael Berry Jr. … Tom
Elizabeth Cappuccino … Julie
Dominic Hoffman … Doctor Sims
Lorenzo Antonucci … Bobby
Marc Senter … Marc
Nathaniel Peterson … Nathaniel
Madeleine Coghlan … Madeleine
Diane Ayala Goldner … Veiled Woman
Jackie Dallas … Annette
Samuel Davis … Kevin

Filming locations:



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