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Book of Love is a 2021 romantic comedy film about a relationship between an uptight American writer and an attractive Mexican translator.

Directed by Analeine Cal y Mayor (The Boy Who Smells Like Fish; La Voz de un Sueño) from a screenplay co-written with David Quantick and Analeine Cal y Mayor. Produced by Naysun Alae-Carew, Maxime Cottray, Michael Knowles, Allan Niblo, Richard Alan Reid, Nick Spicer and Matt Williams.

The British-Mexican movie stars Sam Claflin, Verónica Echegui, Horacio Garcia Rojas, Antonia Clarke, Melissa Pino, Giovani Florido and Galya Vidal.


On Valentine’s Day, uptight English writer Henry discovers that his dull, failing novel has become a smashing success in Mexico, where Spanish translator Maria has rewritten it into a spicy hot read. Opposites attract as the two travel through Mexico on a book tour…

“Unassuming, lightweight and cheerfully disposable, Book of Love harks back to the heyday of the rom-com in the ’90s, but even then, it was never easy to get the mix right, and this venture just about manages the trick, although there’s a few corny moments and stereotyped supporting characters that aren’t quite up to snuff.” Film Authority

” …because Maria took some extreme liberties, essentially rewriting anything that doubled as NyQuil […] she also made character changes that genuinely improve the believability behind their motivations, boosting the benefits of men co-writing alongside women and vice versa. That’s also what should have been the engaging core of Book of Love, which quickly gets sidetracked into broad comedy, love triangles, and other clichés.” Flickering Myth

” …it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to chart the course Book of Love will take us on. Harry and Maria develop feelings, they encounter roadblocks, and must figure out if their love can endure. Can they capture lightning in a bottle for a second time? There is certainly little in the way of surprise, but it is still a cute enough movie to pass the time.” Josh at the Movies

“Despite being often preposterous, the cross-cultural comedy Book of Love is an entertaining watch. Just don’t scratch even the slightest bit beneath its glossy, super-contrived surface.” Los Angeles Times

” …if you’re a rom-com fan, you might find a few laughs, particularly at ridiculous plot developments. If you’re a devotee of Sam Claflin, you’ll enjoy almost two hours of that self-deprecating smile and crisp British accent. This film might provide some entertainment for some viewers, but it isn’t going to be a movie with which people fall in love.” Parent Previews

“It’s harmless, even enjoyable at times. However, it is never low-brow enough to be insulting (it could have used more of this, admittedly). Yet, it never offers enough chemistry to keep the final act interesting. Even if you think to look past some obvious issues, for example, why he needs a translator if the talk show hosts speak English and Maria is not translating for the audience, this is a toss-up for the film’s fans and a mild recommendation strictly for diehards.” 2.5/5 Ready Steady Cut

“Sadly, neither Cal y Mayor nor co-writer David Quantick are especially gifted in snappy screwball dialogue, giving us exchanges that will draw more polite smiles than genuine belly laughs. But despite their curiously shy reluctance to lean into something a shade sexier (isn’t that the whole point Maria is making?), their labor is still a worthy one, confronting the inane and often misogynistic notion that romance is slight, and melodramatic eroticism is lowbrow art.” Variety

Amazon will stream Book of Love on Prime Video on February 4th 2022.


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