GHOSTS OF THE OZARKS (2021) Reviews and overview

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Ghosts of the Ozarks is a 2021 American mystery horror film about a young doctor summoned to a remote town that has a supernatural presence.

Directed by Matt Glass (The Party’s Just Beginning) and Jordan Wayne Long (12 Hour Shift) from a screenplay co-written by Sean Anthony Davis (Think Brilliance), Jordan Wayne Long and Tara Perry (Proxy).

Produced by David Arquette, Matt Glass, Jordan Wayne Long, Michael May, Christina McLarty Arquette and Tara Perry.

The movie stars Thomas Hobson (That Girl Lay Lay), Phil Morris (Star Trek III: The Search for Spock), Tara Perry (Proxy), Tim Blake Nelson (Old Henry), Angela Bettis (Girl Interrupted) and David Arquette (12 Hour Shift; Scream franchise; The Tripper; Eight Legged Freaks).


In post-Civil War Arkansas, a young doctor is mysteriously summoned to a remote town in the Ozarks only to discover that the utopian paradise is filled with secrets and surrounded by a menacing, supernatural presence…



“The plot would have been better served by being a straight ghost story. An unfortunate byproduct is the movie ends up running long. Ghosts of the Ozarks finally finds its way in its closing moments. There is some atmospheric imagery and exciting scenes. Regrettably, the film loses much of its mystique with in the climatic moments.” AIPT

Ghosts of the Ozarks indulges too much in its meandering pacing, keeping its interesting narrative points just in sight, but never exploring far enough to hook the viewer into its greater mystery […] eventually Ghosts of the Ozarks will treat viewers to an intense narrative – but that thrill burns out and feels lackluster, ending the film on an odd gray note.” Bloody Disgusting

“It’s just too pristine. It also distracts from the sense of mystery and suspense. It lacks atmosphere that could have also helped with the mystery and suspense. The characters are likable and the film is well paced so as not to become boring, but the film’s more dramatic moments don’t have enough gravitas…” Fears Mag

Ghosts of the Ozarks is listed as a mystery/thriller, and it delivers. Early in the film, I was drawn into the mystery of what was happening in the mountains. There were additional layers added on for most of the characters presented, and they all were tied to the overarching story of the town. This built well for the conflicts and other relationships taking place.” Guild Master Gaming

“Genre fans might have some misgivings over a few plot turns, or possibly be amused by them, but it is one of the more entertaining Weird West movies since Blood Moon (an all-time guilty pleasure). It is well crafted and the supporting ensemble is first-rate.” J.B. Spins

” …the ending and beginning of Ghosts of the Ozarks are fun, even though this is one cheesy film overall. The middle portion is laboriously slow. More moments like a pirate-style music interlude with the blind man and his wife sharing a duet would have been welcomed with open arms. Light on the ghosts and heavy on the yawn, Ghosts of the Ozarks is a disappointing early-year horror diversion…” Josh at the Movies

“In more ways than one, Ghosts of the Ozark is an underwhelming experience that might have you feeling trapped like the townspeople of Norfork. Great performances and a meaningful message about the way in which trauma causes us to isolate ourselves within are sure to melt the coldest of hearts out there, just don’t expect to be anxious to revisit Norfork anytime soon.” Killer Horror Critic

“This is a beautiful film with great set pieces and costuming fitting the period. The acting is also pretty good […] Like many mysteries, the third act has to deliver something spectacular, and while I did not expect the twists and turns that played out on screen, I was hoping for something a bit more. Up until the third act, I thought this was a fun and fresh take on the horror mystery.” Nightmarish Conjurings

” …the ultimate revelation has been done before and is a massive, if not monstrous, cop-out. Ghosts of the Ozarks would have been much better played as a conventional drama. Its ideas would have been better served and it probably would have reached a more receptive audience. Instead it’s an interesting film that falls short of its intentions.” Voices from the Balcony

Release date:

In the USA, XYZ Films will release Ghosts of the Ozarks On-Demand (VOD) and Digital on February 3rd 2022.


Cast and characters (in credits order):

Thomas Hobson … James ‘Doc’ McCune
Phil Morris … Matthew McCune
Tara Perry … Annie
Tim Blake Nelson … Torb
Angela Bettis … Lucille
David Arquette … Douglas
David Aaron Baker … Jesse
Joseph Ruud … William
Neva Howell … Miss Roberts
Brandon Gibson … Mick
Scott Dean … Micah
Graham Gordy … Samuel
Ed Lowry … Dovvy
Skylar Olivia Flanagan … Emma
Aaron Preusch … Joe
Taylor Alden … Rebecca
Corbin Pitts … Young William
Skyler Elyse Philpot … Young Annie
Tommy Terry Pantera Wageman … Ratface/stunts
John Perry … Jebediah

Technical details:

100 minutes



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