INVINCIBLE (2022) Preview of Johnny Strong, Marko Zaror actioner



‘Mankind’s greatest soldier is now its biggest threat’

Invincible is a 2022 American science fiction action thriller film about a rampaging nano test subject who has to be tracked down.

Directed by Daniel Zirilli (Hollow Point; Acceleration) from a screenplay co-written by Johnny Strong and Robert De Lay. Produced by Adel Nur and Daniel Zirilli.

The movie stars Johnny Strong (Daylight’s End; Black Hawk Down; The Fast and the Furious; Get Carter), Marko Zaror (Undisputed 3: Redemption; Machete Kills), Michael Paré (Righteous Blood;The Penthouse; Streets of Fire).


Colonel John Taylor, (Vladimir Kulich) enlists billionaire inventor Leor Teska (Paul Kennedy) to fund a secret black site, testing Teska’s new nanotechnology for military applications, developed by scientist Doctor Quade (Sally Kirkland).

When one of the test subjects, Brock Cortez, (Marko Zaror) escapes, Teska’s head of security, Cam Devore, (Johnny Strong) is given the dangerous task of tracking him down…

Release date:

In the United States, Invincible will be released on Digital, On-Demand and DVD on March 8th 2022.


Cast and characters:

Johnny Strong … Cam Devore
Marko Zaror … Brock Cortez
Vladimir Kulich … Colonel John Taylor
Sally Kirkland … Doctor Quade
Michael Paré … Trevor Morgan
Paul Kennedy … Leor Teska
Jason Archilla … Mike
David Blazejko … The Assassin
Alan Collett … Doctor Blue
Nick Khan … Rebel Terrorist
Natalie Lorence … Reporter
May Myat Noe … Michelle
Sergey Nosulenko … Assassin
Adam Zachary Smith … Reporter
Ron Smoorenburg … Assassin
Krissada Sukosol Krissada Sukosol
Jude S. Walko … Jimmy ‘Blue Eyes’ Artel
Alexander Winters … Jack
Willy Zogo … Guard



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