RIGHTEOUS BLOOD (2021) Reviews and overview of Rene Perez Western



Righteous Blood is a 2021 American Western film about an outlaw gunslinger for hire who is being chased down by the law.

Directed by Rene Perez (Legend of Hawes; Cry HavocCabalFrom Hell to the Wild WestPlaying with Dolls franchise; The Dead and the Damned and sequel) from a screenplay co-written with Kent Hill. Produced by Joseph Camilleri.

The movie stars Michael Paré, Joseph Camilleri, Emily Whitcomb (Legend of Hawes; The Vampire and the Vigilante; Phobias; Darkness Waits) and Gordon Rocks.

Plot synopsis:

Outlaw gun for hire Jericho (Michael Paré) is on the run from the law when he finds himself tangled in a situation that will fundamentally change his life, his views and his beliefs forever…


“As an action film, Righteous Blood is dismal. There’s a weak shootout at the beginning, and a shooting in the middle. The final showdown is laughable with Jericho standing in the open without getting hit while he drops men on horseback and behind trees.” Voices from the Balcony

Cast and characters (alphabetical):

Alexandra Amarell … Mrs Boswell
Dan Bernstein … Stewart
Joseph Camilleri … Padre
Woody Clendenen … Marshall
Robert Faltisco … Bounty Hunter #1
Andrew Harris … Wopat
Angelina Karo … Girl
Michael Paré … Jericho
Gordon Rocks … The Boy
Dan Scoville … Sheriff
Sierra Sherbundy … Beautiful Woman
Eric David Tippett … Bo
Emily Whitcomb … Charlotte

Technical details:

1 hour 21 minutes


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