THE PHANTOM WARRIOR Fantasy action movie



The Phantom Warrior is a 2022 British fantasy action film about the masked vigilante and immortal soul named Nemesis Knight.

Written and directed by Savvas D. Michael (The Abomination; The Bezonians; Original Gangster; Righteous Villains; Red Devil; Smoking Guns).

The Saints and Savages production stars Nicole Bartlett, Dean Cain, Steven Berkoff, Jan Anderson, Charlie Rawes, Nicky B, Adam Deacon, Vas Blackwood, Mark Rhino Smith and Christopher Sciueref.

“The origin story of the masked vigilante and immortal soul, Nemesis Knight. Synopsis: The Phantom Warrior is the origin story of the masked vigilante, Nemesis Knight. A new breed of superhero for a changing world. From young feral orphan to deadly crusader, balancing the equilibrium between good and evil.

The Phantom Warrior is iconically dressed in all black, wearing the Mask of Dionysus, given to her as a gift by The God of The Underworld, Hades. Her wild and curly beautiful blonde hair waves in the wind as she rides her black horse named Zeus, armed with her trusted rifle and sidearm strapped to her leg, she ferociously and brutally takes on the vilest and most evil criminals ‘Chaos County’ has to offer.”




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Cast and characters:
Nicole Bartlett … Nemesis Knight
Dean Cain … The Sheriff
Steven Berkoff … Hades
Jan Anderson … Antonia Leona
Charlie Rawes … Cyclops
Nicky B … Lyssa
Adam Deacon … Nessos
Vas Blackwood … Sanka Sloane
Mark Rhino Smith … The Titan
Christopher Sciueref … Dean Martin
Jenny Miller … Violet Dream – The Dreamchasers
Josh Burdett … Lieutenant Pallas
Badger Skelton … Joseph
Elijah Rowen … Dollos
Ivana Radjenovic … Pythia
Alexander Garcia … Julio
Abbie Steele … Gorgons
Rashelle Davies
Andreas Karras … Don Greco
Jamie Crew … Deputy Lee
Sophie Pâris … Helene
Hass J Junior … Toto Leone
Cassandra French … Bethany Savage
Yasemin Gravitas … Fatima Hassan
Tony Montalbano … Tony Antuofermo
Mike Mousicos … Thanatos
Matt Lapinskas … Hugo
Stavros Demetraki … Anton
Omar Shaker … Lorenzo La Motta
Mia Lacostena … Gorgons
Daisy Wood-Davis … Christina Greco
Bernice Pike … Persephone
David Savizon … Marlon Sterling

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