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Loon Lake is a 2019 American supernatural horror feature film about a grieving man who encounters a dark and terrible force.

Directed by Ansel Faraj from a screenplay co-written with lead actor Nathan Wilson (The Last Case of August T. Harrison; Doctor Mabuse). Produced by Kelly Erin Decker, Ansel Faraj and Nathan Wilson.

The Round Town Productions-Hollingsworth Productions movie also stars David Selby (Castle Rock; Doctor Franken; Dark Shadows), Kelly Erin Decker (The 27 Club; Clown Motel Massacre; Dracula in a Women’s Prison; et al), Mary Jane Terlinden, Brittany Benjamin (Dark Cloud), Kathryn Leigh Scott (Witches’ Brew; Turn of the Screw 1974; Dark Shadows) and Matthew Anderson.

” …it never looks cheap, and now and again the lack of things like background extras may work in the movie’s favour, adding to the otherworldly feel of rural Minnesotan life […] this is a film which deserves a bit more attention than most small-scale productions.” Film Blitz

“While there are more independent, low-budget streaming movies out there than you can shake a dead loon at, Loon Lake deserves a look for its atmospheric photography, subtle music score, good use of veteran and neophyte actors, and its quirky take on witchy folklore.” Film from Beyond the Time Barrier

“The acting, directing, cinematography, score and screenplay have been carefully crafted in this well-above-average indie horror flick. It reminded me of many other horror movies I love (The Ring, The Possession of Michael King, etc.), but still stood out strongly as its own story.” Hearons

“The acting here is quite solid, as Wilson and Decker dance around each other. Selby does the most work as two divergently different characters (even if from the same gene pool). Everyone else in the cast is consistent, and that’s a good thing. Benjamin also does well as a strong woman who is smitten but not desperate…” Indie Horror Films

Loon Lake may not have big studio punch or gloss, but is nonetheless solid fodder for fans of the genre, stocked with some good haunts, good direction, and more than enough hooks to keep it interesting, including an ending that feels properly earned. Recommended.” That Moment In

“I credit the writers with adding serious depth to the otherwise somewhat familiar narrative. The script tackles some tough questions, probing deep substrata of theological undertones. Of course one need not dive in philosophically if he doesn’t want to, nor must one be a huge fan of Dark Shadows to appreciate it. Loon Lake can be enjoyed simply as a groovy ghost story…” Vampires.com


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Cast and characters:
Nathan Wilson … Louis Olsen
David Selby … Emery Janson / Pastor Owen Janson
Kelly Erin Decker … Mary Jane Terlinden
Brittany Benjamin … Gracie
Kathryn Leigh Scott … Lena Janson
Matthew Anderson … Jeb
Kevin Kunkel … Bud
Daryl Hrdlicka … Gordie
Sierra Schermerhorn … Ashley
Noah Gillett … Buck
Steve VanWesten … Chuck
Lewis Langle … Beaver
Cecily Fogarty … Hitchhiker
Kurt Schulz … Larson
Ken McCuen … Joseph
Scott Place … Grant

Filming locations:
Round Lake, Minnesota (town exteriors)
Minneapolis, Minnesota (city)
Worthington, Minnesota

Technical details:
1 hour 34 minutes

Working title:
Minnesota Lake Project

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