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‘Whatever you do, don’t lose the rope.’
Tethered is a 2022 American horror drama film about a blind teenager and the hunter he befriends who is tormented by a mysterious creature.

Directed by Daniel Robinette from a screenplay co-written with Aaron Sorgius, based on a story co-written with Jeff Cox, Michael Scott, Kayla Stuhr, Jeremy Tassone and Cooper Thorton based on their 2017 short of the same name.

The 4 Leagues Media production stars Alexandra Paul, Kareem Ferguson, Jared Laufree, Brody Bett and Chris Demm.


Deep within the woods of North Carolina, miles from civilisation, a blind teenager and the hunter he befriends are tormented by a mysterious creature…


Our review:
Although its story is slight, Tethered presents a dark and touching tale that builds gradually to a crescendo of fear and desperation. Blind teenager Solomon’s loneliness is certainly tangible. How he manages to fend for himself completely on his own stretches credulity. Nonetheless, when a hunter named Hank shows up a bond with Solomon develops that seems inevitably doomed yet creates the oppressive tension the film needed the plot needs it.

Director Daniel Robinette captures the woodlands at their most forbidding and if the ultimate reveal is perhaps predictable, the journey is one worth taking. Meanwhile, Matt Vucic’s percussive and strings heavy score – his first feature work – is superb, adding to the ominous soundscape.
Adrian J Smith, MOVIES and MANIA

Other reviews:
“It is a stretch more taut than Solomon’s rope to even call this a horror movie […] as it is more of a psychological drama with a slow pace that would make an A24 movie blush. That said, if that’s what you’re in the mood for, Tethered delivers. There’s enough there for an interesting movie that makes good on its premise.” All Horror

” …lacks a good story and suspense […] It’s a tough film to get into because it requires a suspension of disbelief, and not much happens that is appealing. But if you believe its strange story is conceivable, you might like it better than I did.” Dennis Schwartz Movie Reviews

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