THOR THE CONQUERER (1983) Reviews of cheapo Italian sword ‘n’ sorcery movie

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Thor the Conquerer is a 1983 Italian fantasy action film chronicling the upbringing and upbringing and vengeance of the titular warrior.

Directed by Tonino Ricci [as Anthony Richmond] from a story and screenplay written by Tito Carpi (The Atlantis Interceptors; Tentacles; Last Cannibal World). Produced by Roberto Poggi and Marcello Romeo.

The soundtrack score was composed by Francesco De Masi (Formula for a MurderEscape from the BronxThe New York RipperWeapons of Death; Orgy of the Living Dead).

The movie stars Bruno Minniti [as Conrad Nichols], Maria Romano, Malisa Longo, Raf Baldassarre and Angelo Ragusa.

After his parents are both brutally murdered by his father’s rival Gnut and his men the newborn Thor is placed in hiding by the physical embodiment of the god Etna. Raised in secret under the guidance of Etna, Thor comes to maturity and goes on a quest to avenge the death of his parents and return peace to his lands, in the process he discovers a woman to take as his wife.

Taking the beautiful warrior virgin, Ina, as his companion, his exploits lead to a confrontation with Gnut, the slayer of his father. He finds and uncovers his father’s sword and masters the art of combat, all under the ever-watchful eye of the amorphous Etna. How can Thor overcome Gnut and his horde?



” …there is always something happening, whether it’s a battle or an unusual bit of magic. You may not have a clue what’s going on, and some scenes are so ludicrous […] Thor the Conqueror is non-stop action. I’m not recommending you check it out (it is a very bad film), but if you do, I promise you won’t be bored for a minute.” 2,500 Movies Challenge

“One of the cheaper, more obscure examples of the sword ’n’ sorcery genre which flourished in Italy in the 1980s […] this is neither exciting enough nor bad enough to generate any interest. Only Etna’s outrageous shoulder pads raise a smile. The fights are limp, and the plot is barely there at all.” Cult films and the people who make them

“The action in the film is plentiful and (if nothing else) energetically acted out. Ricci even keeps the frame opened up and resists fast cutting, so the viewer can always tell what’s going on and where. The problem is they all seem like the same fight, and they quickly get old.” 4.5 out of 10, The Gentlemen’s Blog to Midnite Cinema

“A true spectacle of ineptitude across the board, oddly Thor the Conqueror (despite its uncomfortable gender politics and generally bleak, ugly presentation) is a pinnacle of the “so bad, it’s good” genre of low-budget movie making […] it’s the head-scratching story that will hold your attention as you try to puzzle out why things are happening…” Hero Press


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Cast and characters:
Bruno Minniti/Conrad Nichols … Thor
Maria Romano … Sheeba, the Slave
Malisa Longo … Ino, Third Virgin Warrior
Raf Baldassarre … Gnut
Angelo Ragusa … Kunt, Thor’s Father
Rosalba Ciofalo … First Virgin Warrior
Elena Wiedermann … Second Virgin Warrior
Luigi Mezzanotte/Christopher Holm … Etna, the Owl
Artemio Antonini … Barbarian Chief
Giovanni Cianfriglia … Cannibal Chief
Osiride Pevarello … Barbarian
Rinaldo Zamperla … Gnut’s Tribesman

Original title:
Thor il Conquistatore

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