KNIFECORP (2021) Reviews of Kane Hodder, Felissa Rose, Tiffany Shepis horror – free to watch on YouTube

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‘Let’s cut to the chase.’
Knifecorp is a 2021 American satirical horror film about a high school senior and his buddies who get trapped in a psycho’s house.

Directed by Zach Zorba Grashin from a screenplay co-written with L.E. Staiman (as L.E. Doug Staiman).

The movie stars Kane Hodder (Hatchet and Friday the 13th franchises), Austin Kulman, Peter Gilroy, Hymnson Chan, Felissa Rose (Scream Test; Big Freaking RatVictor CrowleySleepaway Camp; et al) and Tiffany Shepis (Tar; The Night Watchmen; Delta Delta Die!).

Our review:
Knifecorp is genuinely amusing, if somewhat unsubtle. It acknowledges, celebrates and also teases many of the current societal clichés we all encounter, particularly on increasingly sad and pathetically self-focused social media.


Meanwhile, horror icons Kane Hodder, Felissa Rose and Tiffany Shepis all join the frivolity with aplomb. And, despite having been taken in by the corporate sales crap the movie mocks the young ‘uns have enough personality for viewers to care if they live or die especially Lola Sandra who has a strong role as Tanya. Knifecorp isn’t exactly cutting edge (ouch) but it’s generally pretty sharp and worth a watch. Adrian J Smith, MOVIES and MANIA

MOVIES and MANIA rating:

Other reviews:
“Director Zach Zorba Grashin and co-writer L.E. Staiman do manage to come up with a couple of creepy moments and surprises, but they’re lost in a script that veers between serious dramatics, slasher horror, and intelligence-insulting attempts at humour. It keeps changing tone and direction and never accomplishes anything.” Voices from the Balcony


Choice dialogue:
“We don’t sell knives. We sell ourselves.”
“My house is a dead zone. Even God can’t hear you in here.”
“All of their lives cut short. Cos of your crappy little knives.”



Full film – free to watch online:

Cast and characters:
Kane Hodder … Angus Finn
Austin Kulman … Wally Banks
Peter Gilroy … Jed Bennet
Lola Sandra … Tanya Appel (as Lola Akinola)
Hymnson Chan … Buddy Chang
Felissa Rose … Wally’s Mom
Boone Platt … Van
Alexandra Stamler … Belle
Courtney Grant … Raul
Tiffany Shepis … Mrs Robinson
Jon Dittman … Cook
Joshua Lou Friedman … Mr Robinson
Menachem Silverstein … Chabad Guy #1
Cleopatra Slough … Brenda Finn
Austin J. Brucks … Paramedic
Christopher M. Jimenez … Mr. Coleman
Jennifer Sagiao … Drunk Woman
L.E. Staiman … Reporter (as L.E. Doug Staiman)
Erin Taylor … Janelle
Briana Walden … Mrs Coleman (as Briana Caitlin)

Technical details:
1 hour 27 minutes

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