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‘Cathy’s not scared. She should be… she’s one of THEM!’
Lurkers is a 1987 American horror film about In New York, a young female classical musician is haunted by flashbacks of her dead mother and visions of dead people floating…

Directed, photographed and co-edited by Roberta Findlay (Prime Evil; Blood Sisters; The OracleSnuff) from a screenplay by Ed Kelleher (Shriek of the Mutilated; Invasion of the Blood Farmers) and Harriette Vidal. Producer Walter E. Sear composed the film’s soundtrack score.

The Lurker prosthetics and makeup effects were provided by Ed French (Necropolis; Breeders; Blood Rage; et al).

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The Reeltime Distributing Corporation production stars Christine Moore (Prime EvilThrilled to Death), Gary Warner (Godzilla [1998]; Prime EvilThrilled to Death), Marina Taylor, Roy MacArthur – RejuvenatrixLiquid Sky), Peter Oliver-Norman, Nancy Groff, Tom Billett, C.K. Steefel, Dana Nardelli, Lauren Ruane and C.C. Banks.

” …lots of dialog padding, gratuitous nudity and special effects which actually aren’t too bad, given the obvious budget limitations associated with the film. Lurkers is almost interchangeable with any of Findlay’s latter day horror cheapies–see also Blood Sisters or Prime Evil–yet there’s this nebulous likability which surrounds the film’s visual style…” 10K Bullets

“The tone and pace remind me of another lesser known movie that was made the same year. Ghosthouse (1988) like The Lurkers was able to slowly build the tension and fear without losing the viewer. There are not many jump scares but instead relies on creating the time of horror scenes that sit with the audience after the credit roles.” Scared Stiff Reviews

” …Roberta Findlay was a hell of a photographer and editor, obviously hampered by low budgets and bad production conditions, yet still doing the best with the things she had, arriving at a nearly documentary feel, a naturalistic look on New York that can suddenly dissolve into a backyard version of surrealism.” The Horror!?

“Besides the Kill Baby, Kill-esque sinister girl in white (whose creepiness dissipates with each utterance in her thick Bronx accent), Findlay throws together a set-piece involving a sledgehammer-wielding assailant (Tom Billett, Blue Vengeance) and a street gang who move in synch not only to terrify Cathy into entering her old apartment building, but surely also to further pad the film…” DVD Drive-In

” …Lurkers is moody, and deliberately paced (perhaps too deliberately), and has endearingly cheesy special effects. The performances aren’t great, but are typical for exploitation films of the eighties, even though this film isn’t particularly exploitive. It doesn’t really have a lot of scares, but it does have a nice mood…” DVD Talk

“With a more complicated satanic conspiracy than usual and even a few genuinely clever touches (interpolated scenes of Warner picking up a barmaid are not the character-underlining padding they at first seem to be, but actually set up a mildly neat twist), this stands out among Findlay’s dull credits.” The Aurum Film Encyclopedia: Horror

“Findlay is not known for having much use for story, which Lurkers actually possesses — okay, so it’s in piecemeal, but a start is a start. Her touch is all over this one: rough setups, questionable angles and unbalanced performances. For what it is, Lurkers looks pretty good, benefitting from the decade’s love of bright colors…” Flick Attack

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“The film has a bit of a low-rent The Beyond or The Sentinel feel to it, but it’s a bit too meandering and overly long to keep my attention.” McBastard’s Mausoleum

“This is Findlay’s most effective horror film, and had a much higher budget than her previous efforts. Author Maitland McDonagh and actress Debbie Rochon make uncredited cameos.” Brian Albright, Regional Horror Films, 1958 – 1990

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In the US, Lurkers was released theatrically in 1988 by Crown International Pictures.

Christine Moore … Cathy
Gary Warner … Bob
Marina Taylor … Monica
Roy MacArthur … Desmond
Peter Oliver-Norman … Steve
Nancy Groff … Rita
Tom Billett … Leo ‘The Hammer’
C.K. Steefel/Channing … Sally
Dana Nardelli … Young Cathy
Lauren Ruane … Ghost Child
C.C. Banks … Agnes
Gil Newsom … Phil
Eva Baumann … Guardian Angel
Ruth Collins … Jane, a Model
Annie Grindlay … Lulu, a Model
Jeffrey Wallach … Salesman
Wayne Burcham … John, Cathy’s father
Jodi Armstrong Jodi Armstrong … Cathy’s Friend
Walter E. Sear … Engineer
William Titus … Assistant Engineer
Debbie Rochon … Evil Host

Filming locations:
Washington Heights, New York, New York

Technical specs:
1 hour 28 minutes
Audio: Mono
Aspect ratio: 1.85: 1

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