OUIJA SHARK 2 (2022) Comedy horror sequel – first poster, images and trailer

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Ouija Shark 2 is a 2022 comedy horror film written, directed by and starring John Migliore. It is obviously a sequel to Ouija Shark (2020).

A team-up between Wild Eye Releasing and Survival Zombie Films, the Ouija Shark follow-up sees John Migliore from the first film revive his shield-slinging shark fighter dad Anthony, as well as taking over directing duties for the film.


Also reprising their roles from the original film are Kylie Gough (as Illyana) and Simon Wheeldon (as Caldura). Deborah Jayne Reilly Smith appears as a mysterious new character named Cressida.

The movie also stars Simon Wheeldon, Lena Montecalvo, Jay MacAulay, Sabrina Migliore, Emmalene Pruden, Nicholas Migliore, Somer Bettles, Rachél Hopkins, Thea Munster, Mike Trebilcock, Sam Squid Farrauto, Jim Ordolis, Luke Meneok, Nick Scime, Caroline Scime, Austin Scime, Karen Burson, Mark Adamson, Adam James Pearson, Andre Guantanamo and Troma’s head honcho Lloyd Kaufman.

Mike Trebilcock and Semetary Spawn also provided the movie’s dramatic score as well as some new songs for the film.


Migliore also penned the sequels’ script, and previously directed Creature from Cannibal Creek (2019), Exorcism of the Dead (2017) and Poltergeist Encounters (2016). Previously, he said: “The world of Ouija Shark is steeped in both fantasy and the occult, making almost anything possible. I’m looking forward to providing more than a few surprises.”




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