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‘The gifts that keep on killing’
The Christmas Tapes is a 2022 American horror anthology film in which a family’s movie night on Christmas Eve is interrupted by a stranger, insistent on making the next Christmas ‘classic’ film himself.

Written, co-produced and directed by Robert Livings and Randy Nundlall Jr (Infrared). Also produced by Travis Ayers.

The Sestero Pictures-Woof Cat Films co-production stars Dave Sheridan, Vernon Wells, Greg Sestero, Lori Richardson, Robert Livings, Louise Harding, Jason Kuykendall, Ian Hopps, Todd Lubitsch, Ruby Setnik, Joshua Rose, Janice Angela Burt, Caleb Lush and Romulo Reyes.


Directors’ statement:
The Christmas Tapes is a throwback to the anthology films of the 80s and 90s but with a modern found-footage twist.

Christmas horror is a subgenre that we feel deserves more attention, and this film came about from us discussing the classics and how we could possibly bring something new to the table. From day one, we were aware that this film had to be fun and could not take itself too seriously.

Developing each segment and the trajectory of how they would transition from traditional horror to comedy horror was an exciting journey. We look forward to you discovering this box of Christmas tapes.”


The Christmas Tapes doesn’t do anything special, but overall it’s a likeable little anthology with production values which are above average for the subgenre and some decent performances.” 2.5 out of 5, Eye for Film

“When it comes to the visuals, the movie takes a page from the V/H/S series and goes for the found footage style […] Sometimes, found footage can feel a bit forced, but thankfully all the stories make it seem like they could actually have been recorded by it. This is not the case with something like Chronicle, where you ask why the movie decided to go this route, as it makes no sense.” 7 out of 10, Fiction Horizon

“I totally got into each segment and was impressed by how the tales’ omens landed sickening bullseyes. The film is light on gore but heavy on the creep factor, which I found very impressive. My only Christmas wish for The Christmas Tapes was I wanted five minutes removed from The Xmas Spirit. The slob humor generated by Paranormal Perry needs trimming as it threatens to overwhelm the build-up to the excellent nasty tree-topper finale.” 8.5 out of 10, Film Threat

“In spite of some aesthetic performances that didn’t quite hit the mark, The Christmas Tapes is a really enjoyable one. Mostly a generic collection of stories centered around an evil Santa, a killer scarecrow, and a demonic Christmas decoration, the iconic casting of Greg Sestero, Vernon Wells, and Dave Sheridan brings the title a little more pizzaz than is usually afforded short stories like these.” 4 out of 5, Mother of Movies

“Certain stories feel like we could have had a lot more from. This is seen mostly in the Gift one, which has a twisted side to it. when it comes to the different stories, they tend to use something different within the horror sub-genres. Giving the audience a taste of different styles of horror. Everything works smoothly enough for horror anthology. It gives us a nice range and some solid scares throughout.” 3 out of 5, Movie Reviews 101

” …while the found footage approach seems slightly irritating in at least some of the segments, they’re all very well-told and well-structured shorts, with nice plot twists and macabre details, as you’d come to expect from an old school anthology, and fittingly, too, the segments vary in tone from the almost comical to the utterly disturbing, to keep the audience well-entertained throughout…” Search My Trash

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Terror Films released The Christmas Tapes worldwide on Digital and YouTube on December 16, 2022.

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