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The Fall of the House of Usher – James Sibley Watson, Melville Webber, short, USA, 1928

 CZ Robertson | Internet Archive

Fangs of the Living Dead aka Malenka – Amando De Ossorio, Spain, 1968

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Fear House – Michael R. Morris, USA, 2008

Relatives and colleagues of reclusive writer Samantha Ballard track her to an isolated house in the California desert where they find her traumatized.

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Fear Itself – Kristian Alexander, USA, 2007

We follow a group of high school students with a twisted sense of fun. Instead of studying, partying and worrying about who to take to the prom, these teens get off on playing mean spirited pranks on anyone who crosses them. Soon, their appetite for vengeance cannot be satisfied by childish tricks alone.


Fear Town, USA – Brandon Bassham, USA, 2014

Troma Movies

The Fergusons – Keith Singleton, USA, 2011

Happy family in the suburbs have unusual zest for life. Their secret? They have a taste for human flesh…

The Orchard

Fiend – Don Dohler, USA, 1980

A spirit enters a gravesite and reanimates a corpse back to life. In order for him to stay alive, the undead corpse needs to absorb the life energies out of the living by wrapping his hands around his victims’ throats…

Don Dohler Films

First Man on Mars – USA, 2015

The countdown to terror has begun. Astronaut Eli Cologne became the first man on Mars, but something went horribly wrong. Infected by an alien organism, he returned to Earth a savage monster with an unquenchable thirst for human flesh…

Booh | Kings of Horror

Flesh Feast – Brad F. Grinter, USA, 1967 [released 1970]

Starring Veronica Lake, Phil Philbin, Heather Hughes


Fog Island – Terry Morse, USA, 1945

Lionel Atwill, Jerome Cowan, George Zucco, Veda Ann Borg

Internet Archive

The Forest – Don Jones, USA, 1981

Cult Cinema Classics

Frankenstein: Day of the Beast – Ricardo Islas, USA, 2011

New Alpha Studios

Frankenstein Reborn – Leigh Scott, USA, 2005

Film Freaks

Frankenstein vs. the Mummy – USA, 2015


Frankenstein’s Castle of Freaks – Italy, 1973

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Frankenstein’s Daughter – Richard E. Cunha, USA, 1958

Starring: John Ashley, Sandra Knight

Doctor Frankenstein’s insane grandson attempts to create horrible monsters in modern day Los Angeles…

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Frazier Park Recut – Sam Hanover and Tyler Schnabel, USA, 2017

Two aspiring filmmakers document the mishaps of their first feature film, with the guidance of their eccentric lead actor (David Lee Hess)….


Friend Request – Mario DeAngelis, Jason Falasco, USA, 2013

A team of two detectives is tasked with apprehending a crazed, online psycho who tracks down and lures victims via a popular social media site…


From Beneath – David Doucette, Canada, 2012

Jason is bitten by a strange organism while on vacation with his girlfriend, Sam, at her sister’s secluded farmhouse. The bite begins a transformation in Jason, and now the couple must race against time to figure out what happened to Sam’s sister and her family, and what lies in store for them.


Frozen Alive – Bernard Knowles, UK/West Germany, 1964

A scientist experimenting with suspended animation decides to use himself as a test subject. Before he is frozen, his wife is killed, and he is suspected of her murder…

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