DEMONIC TOYS (1992) Reviews and overview


‘It’s playtime…’

Demonic Toys is a 1992 American comedy horror film produced by Charles Band’s Full Moon Entertainment. It features small, killer toys similar to those seen in Puppet Master (1989).

Directed by Peter Manoogian from a screenplay written by David S. Goyer, based on a story by Charles Band, the movie stars Tracy Scoggins, Bentley Mitchum, Daniel Cerny.

Like many other Full Moon releases, Demonic Toys never had a theatrical release and went straight-to-video.

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” …the plot Goyer came up with is ridiculous, and his script is full of his usual nonsensical tough guy talk, but even though a lot of this is delivered completely seriously in an attempt to be as scary and unnerving as possible, it’s really all just set-up for some entertaining killer doll mayhem, and the movie does deliver a good amount of fun as the homicidal toys track the characters through the warehouse.” Life Between Frames

“The story is easy-going, not overly complicated but still dense. The film wants to depict elaborate mythology despite a low budget and succeeds against all odds. The musical signature is not just fitting but good. It seems made to scare a child, but then there is gore…” Tales of Terror

” …the toys themselves are pretty cool. There’s a foul-mouthed baby doll, a killer jack-in-the-box (who sorta resembles a Killer Klown from Outer Space), and a deadly teddy bear. Unfortunately, director Peter (Arena) Manoogian stages the action rather dully and all of the kills are basically the same (the toys just bite people to death).” The Video Vacuum

Choice dialogue:

Charneski: “The world is a toilet and all the people in it are @ssholes.”

Cast and characters:

  • Tracy Scoggins as Judith Gray
  • Bentley Mitchum as Mark Wayne
  • Daniel Cerny as “The Kid”
  • Michael Russo as Lincoln
  • Barry Lynch as Hesse
  • Ellen Dunning as Anne
  • Pete Schrum as Charneski
  • Jeff Weston as Matt Cable
  • William Thorne as Fair-Haired Boy
  • Richard Speight Jr. as Andy
  • Larry Cedar as Peterson
  • Jim Mercer as Doctor Michaels
  • Pat Crawford Brown as Mrs. Michaels
  • Christopher Robin as Skeleton Kid
  • Kristine Rose as Miss July
  • Robert Stockele as Man-Devil
  • Crystal Carlson as Little Girl
  • June C. Ellis as Old Woman
  • Linda O. Cook as Baby Oopsy Daisy (voice)
  • Edwin Cook as Grizzly Teddy (voice)
  • Tim Dornberg as Jack Attack (voice)
  • Brigitte Lynn as Mr. Static (voice)

Technical credits:

86 minutes


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