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species III

‘Beauty is only skin deep’

Species III is a 2004 science fiction horror film directed by Brad Turner. Also known as Species 3

The film’s American broadcast premiere was on the Sci-Fi Channel (now Syfy Channel). It was then released to video by MGM in both a standard and an unrated version. The film was shot in high-definition video.

Executive producer Frank Mancuso Jr. (responsible for the Friday the 13th sequels, the regrettable cheap TV series of the same name and the insulting 1986 film April Fool’s Day) wanted the sequel to be aimed more at young adults, so the characters were written to be younger than what was originally planned. Also, Mancuso wanted the creatures to look slightly different from Swiss artist H.R. Giger‘s original concept. The alien species was then redesigned by Rob Hinderstien.

The movie stars Robert Knepper, Sunny Mabrey, Robin Dunne, Amelia Cooke, John Paul Pitoc and Christopher Neame (Dracula A.D. 1972, TransformationsGhostbusters II). Natasha Henstridge, who was contracted to a trilogy commencing with the first Species film, briefly reprises the role of Eve in the opening scene.


Hours after the events of the previous film, the medical van transporting the lifeless Eve has lost its way but when the co-driver tries to radio their superiors, the driver stops and holds him at gun-point.

Both are surprised by the alien child (now called “half-breed”) appearing in the back window and killing the co-driver with his tongue. In the back, the driver finds the half-breed and a reviving Eve, who goes into labour and gives birth to a newborn alien.

While the half-breed strangles Eve with his tongue, the driver wraps the newborn into his jacket and runs off through the forest as a military helicopter finds the deserted van. Government agent Wasach orders an autopsy and afterwards the burning of Eve’s body…


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” … ultimately, it’s just a lot of the same old schtick, only with newer, younger boobs contributed by a newer, younger aliengirl. It sure isn’t what you’d call a “good film,” but Species 3 has the sense to deliver the goods. The kills are frequent and freaky, the concept is just slick enough to tickle the sci-fi fans, and I believe I already mentioned the frequent female nudity.” DVD Talk

” … all this cheap nudity can’t distract from the hole-riddled plot and abysmal special effects – even when another sexually driven, hybrid female shows up with the same dislike for clothes. Ludicrous dialogue and a complete absence of tension increase the air of ineptitude, and does the film a particular disservice in the pathetically feeble finale.” Radio Times


“Ben Ripley’s screenplay, presumably in an effort to save money, places the emphasis on meaningless technobabble, something that’s exacerbated by a seriously overlong running time (at almost two hours, the movie is at least 45-minutes too long). As a result, Species III is often incredibly dull – no small feat given the amount of nudity and violence in the flick.” Reel Film Reviews

“Apparently someone—the writers, the execs, or the director—thought that audiences would invest enough in the banal characters and sluggish plot to sit through this for almost 120 minutes. They were wrong. Species III should do the honourable thing and be the conclusion to this series of low-level sci-fi thrillers once and for all.” DVD Verdict


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