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‘It’s their planet now!’

Plan 9 is a 2014 science fiction horror comedy feature film written, produced, co-edited and directed by John Johnson. The movie is very loosely based on Ed D. Wood Jr.’s original Plan 9 from Outer Space.

The Darkstone Entertainment production stars Brian Krause, Sara Eshleman, Amy Hart and Mister Lobo.


” …this troubled production actually winds up less a really bad sci-fi/horror movie than a moderately bad sci-fi/horror movie, complete with cheesy playing, absurdly grisly (and rubbery) gore FX and lots of shrieking.” Dave Bradley, The Clothesline


“If the inexplicable moments are purposely written, then why posit your film as something more coherent than Wood’s original science fiction entry? […] in the end Plan 9 is a solid and entertaining movie with enough strong direction and realization of Wood’s ideas to act as a serviceable zombie movie.” Felix Vasquez, Cinema Crazed

“The special effects look like they cost one shade south of $12, which is perfect for this picture, and the editing truly is appropriately ugly. There are some downright offensive cuts and transitions in the film, but just like the special effects, this also comes across as intentionally planned…” Matt Molgaard, Dread Central

“Clearly, it was the intention of Johnson to add the required boobs and blood in an effort to update the film while trying to remain cheeky, but it just doesn’t play. It simply feels tacked on […] it’s just too long and, at times, it feels as if it isn’t sure if it wants to be a comedy or a serious B horror film.” Lisa Fremont, Haddonfield Horror

“It is all just goofy and knowing enough to get away with its periodic winks and hat-tips, but sufficiently down-to-business to keep the audience invested. It is sort of shocking to say this, but Plan 9 is a clever, thoroughly entertaining film. Heck, it even deserves a sequel.” Joe Bendel, J.B. Spins


“What we have is a film that occasionally nods in the general direction of Plan 9 from Outer Space but mostly does its own thing. Nor is Plan 9 even a parody, a deliberately bad film or spoofing the shortcomings of Wood and his crew; it has been made entirely as a straight film. This leaves you scratching your head.” Richard Scheib, Moria

“We get the director playing a major part, where he gets to shoot the ray gun and kick zombie butt; we get a few bucketloads of gore; a lot of F-bombs – and I do mean a lot – a few boobs; and a handful of lines and scenes ripped off from other better films.” Mark Cole, Rivets on the Poster

“Yes, it’s cool to see original Plan 9 actor Conrad Brooks in a movie, and there’s a pat on the back too for horror host Mister Lobo who’s a nice fit for modern-day Criswell, but otherwise it’s a misguided attempt to harness the legacy of the maligned auteur Ed Wood.” Dave Wain, The Schlock Pit

Plan 9 has its moments but they’re few and far between and with an inconsistent pitch and a lacklustre delivery it proves to be a disjointed and uninspiring exploit of a B-movie classic.” Glenn Cochrane, Scream magazine

“From its infamous flying saucers on wires to the late Bela Lugosi, or rather, Wood’s chiropractor who hid his face behind a cape; it’s littered with references that show just how revered the original is. This one just amps up the boobs and gore and oddly enough, it’s the kid characters that get it the worst, because who cares about being politically correct?” Ernesto Zelaya Miñano, Twitch Film


Cast and characters:

  • Brian Krause … Jeff Trent – Be AfraidSleepwalkersCoffin BabyHouse of Purgatory
  • Sara Eshleman … Lucy Grimm
  • Mr. Lobo … Criswell
  • Amy Hart … Paula Trent – House on the Hill TV series
  • Conrad Brooks … Jamie
  • Matthew Ewald … Jimmy
  • Monique Dupree … Becky
  • James Rolfe … Officer Cop Policeman
  • Aaron Yonda … Toby
  • Matt Sloan … Sammy
  • John Johnson … Patrolman Kelton
  • Camille Keaton … Grandma
  • Addy Miller … Sarah

Running time:

103 minutes


Plan 9 was released in the USA by Monster Pictures on 18 March 2015.


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