STRANGE BATTLE (2016) Chinese horror flick


Strange Battle is a 2016 Chinese supernatural horror feature film directed by Zhang Shaojun. The movie stars Wang Xiaoyi, Huang Bailu and Norman Chui (Dream Home).

Based on a strange incident that supposedly happened in Xiangxi in 1945, Strange Battle lifts the veil of secrecy horrific truth about the arrival of a vampire and a poisonous insect.

Main cast:

Wang Xiaoyi
Huang Bailu
Norman Chui
Zong Liqun
Xiao Yi
Zhu Laicheng
Yu Qiuyao
Luo Buyi
Chen Jiajun
Yang Lin
Li Ran

Original title:

Huang Cun Yuan Ling


Strange Battle was released in China on 8th January 2016.