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‘Nature is a haunted house’

Exposure is a 2018 American supernatural horror feature film edited and directed by Austin Snell from a screenplay co-written with Jake Jackson. The latter also handled the special effects makeup. The Sun Runner Films production stars Carmen Anello, Owen Lawless, Lynn Lowry and Bruce Smith.


In an attempt to reconcile the problems in their relationship, Myra (Carmen Anello) and James (Owen Lawless) venture to an isolated cabin in the mountains.

It is there they encounter an ancient evil that haunts the landscape, capable of turning people into deformed monsters. Not only will they be fighting for their relationship, but they will also be fighting for their lives…

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Exposure goes from a dramatic look at a couple’s last chance for happiness to the fiery gates of hell. It becomes an entirely different movie by the time the finale rolls around. See it with someone who can appreciate both romance and monsters…” Indie Horror Online

“The shining moments come through from the performance, albeit brief, from our resident horror legend, Lynn Lowry […] If the film managed to shorten its first half, and introduce us to the crazy moments in its ending earlier, I would be much more satisfied. The near end is great! Some pure, neo-80s cheese, with a hint of good ol’ Cronenberg.” Ian Harvey, Nightmarish Conjurings

Cast and characters:

  • Carmen Anello … Myra – Zombie Beauty Pageant: Drop Dead Gorgeous
  • Owen Lawless … James – Hell Town
  • Lynn Lowry … The Grandmother – Cynthia; Terror Tales; Pretty Fine Things; Model Hunger; Cat People; The CraziesShivers; et al
  • Bruce Smith … The Grandfather – Zombie Beauty Pageant: Drop Dead Gorgeous; Zombie Kansas: Death in the Heartland short

Filming locations:

Leadville, Colorado

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One Comment on “Exposure – USA, 2018 – reviews”

  1. I just watched this last, it was ok. Nothing i would really recommend. The creatures although a bit cheesy i did like that aspect of the film that the monster looked like a monster! But maybe i missed it, which means it was not well explained, is why did all this happen? The reason why the guy turned into a monster should of been better explained. I mean it is a horror movie you can come up with anything!

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