BIOHAZARD: THE ALIEN FORCE (1994) Reviews and overview

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‘The end of the world has just been born.’

Biohazard: The Alien Force is a 1994 American science-fiction horror feature film about a genetically-engineered creature on the rampage.

Directed by co-producer Steve Latshaw (Return of the Killer Shrews; Death Mask; Jack-O; Dark Universe; Vampire Trailer Park) from a screenplay co-written with Patrick Moran (who also stars), the Sharan-American Independent Productions movie stars Christopher Mitchum, Steve Zurk, Susan Fronsoe and Tom Ferguson.

The bio-monster and mutant bio-baby were created by John Carl Buechler.


Triton Industries has created a genetically-engineered creature using DNA from human sources. During the course of the experiment, however, the host mother carrying the mutant escapes from the laboratory compound, giving birth shortly thereafter.

The intelligent “baby” beings hunting down and killing its male DNA donors, while at the same time trying to mate with its female donors. The head of the lab wants to destroy the monster before the press can get wind of the story, but the former head of security wants to expose the whole thing.


“This movie does what I never considered. Take bad ideas from other bad movies and make them even worse […] I think the thing that pissed me off the most about this movie is the fact that it is the same thing as Syngenor. It’s not a little like Syngenor, it is Syngenor.90 Minutes Lost

“The cast is ridiculously stupid. The effects are laughable. Cool nudity, but I can buy magazines for that. Has anyone noticed the monster here is a genetic mutation, thereby negating the title?” Charles T. Tatum Jr.

Biohazard: The Alien Force is from the same writer/director team that gave us Dark Universe or the monster in a marsh movie. They believe in no-frills, straight-ahead B-movie making. Monster, victims, death, the end. It gets the job done. That’s not to say the job was done well mind you. Just done.” Doctor Gore’s Movie Reviews

“This is a really cheap movie with one-dimensional characters that never seem to have any defined point as to why they were doing anything. I guess everybody was vaguely out to stop the monster, but the good guys had the exact same goal as the bad guys, and at the end everything blows up, so I guess they both win?” Films in Boxes

It’s not just Italian movies that feature J&B whiskey

“For the discriminating fan of awfulness, Biohazard has enough moments of hilarity to make it worth a watch. The actors are uniformly bland and/or awful and there are more than a few awkward moments and flubbed lines. Most of the budget was likely poured into the main creature’s suit…” Movie Feast

Cast and characters:

  • Christopher Mitchum … Donald Brady
  • Steve Zurk … Mike Reardon
  • Susan Fronsoe … Nicki Carstairs
  • Tom Ferguson … Quint
  • Patrick Moran … Doctor Lynch
  • John Maynard … Lt. Warren
  • John Alexander … Detective Morley
  • Catherine Walsh … Doctor Phillips
  • Dorothy Best … Caitlan Palmer
  • Ryan Latshaw … Ryan Palmer
  • Katherine Culliver … Shana Alexander
  • Paul Austin Sanders … Mutating Husband
  • Maddisen K. Krown … Mutating Pregnant Wife (as Rebecca Wicks)
  • Robin Chapman … Newspaper Editor
  • Trevor David … Donner
  • William Grefé … Mr. Babb (as Bill Grefe)
  • Ken Kupstis … Male Model
  • John Latshaw … Kelly
  • Charles Maginnis … Brandon Wellesley
  • Gersh Morningstar … Mr Esper
  • Jack Nieberlain … Driver
  • Keith Tuxhorn … The Fixer
  • James L. Miles … The Bio-Monster
  • Christopher Ray … Special Guest Bio-Monster

Filming locations:

Apopka, Daytona Beach, Oviedo and Universal Studios Florida, Universal Orlando Resort – 1000 Universal Studios Plaza, Orlando, Florida


Director Steve Latshaw later said it was one of his favourite films: “Because of the wonderful memories of Florida, our cast and crew, and the fact that we broke all the rules and made an action-packed sci-fi adventure with 28 speaking parts, 50 locations, car chases, helicopter battles, running and jumping fights, more car chases at Universal studios, exploding lab complexes and Chris Mitchum. And all for about $50,000.”

Film Facts:

William Grefé‘s movies Sting of Death and Death Curse of Tartu are mentioned in a bar scene involving the director himself.

Despite the title, there is no alien.

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