MAD RON’S PREVUES FROM HELL (1987) Reviews and overview


‘Warning: Graphic horror!’

Mad Ron’s Prevues from Hell is a 1987 American trailer compilation film directed by Jim Monaco (Celluloid Bloodbath: More Prevues from Hell) from a script co-written with James F. Murray Jr., Ron Roccia and Nick Pawlow.

In 2010, the compilation was re-released on DVD as ‘The Extra Mad Edition’ with extras such as a poster gallery and Jordu Schell (Avatar) working on special effects makeup.

Projectionist Mad Ron shows a gory selection of horror and exploitation film trailers from his private collection to an audience of zombies in a movie theater. Meanwhile, ventriloquist Nick Pawlow and his zombie dummy Happy Goldsplatt provide ‘humour’…

The trailers featured include:

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“The shot-on-video quality is a capsule of the late 80s horror video boom, as are the low budget gore effects and cheesy dialogue. Happy Goldsplatt is a fun, foul mouthed Cryptkeeper-like host that makes circumcision jokes and takes shots at the MPAA.” Oh, the Horror!

“It’s a kick-ass collection of sleazy, bloody horror trailers, 47 in all. But surrounding that ass-kicking is one of the worst ever narrative conceits; while drooling Mad Ron (chained to the projectors) strings together previews for a theater full of idiotic zombies, ventriloquist Nick Pawlow and his zombie dummy Happy Goldsplatt deliver comedy so rancid you’ll want to shred your sensory organs with the skeletonized hands of a dead vaudevillian.” DVD Talk

” …well-made up ghoulies do everything from squeezing the blood from a severed extremity into their carton of popcorn, to giving hickeys as only the undead could. All these in-between shenanigans work, especially in the case of the talented Pawlow who bickers with green-fleshed, off-color (and we mean in another way) Happy, who are seen in between trailers…” DVD Drive-In

“If the flick had been nothing but horror and exploitation trailers, Mad Ron’s Prevues from Hell would’ve been a classic. The problem is that in between the trailers is a bunch of irritating scenes with this jackass ventriloquist and his zombie puppet.  These guys just aren’t funny at all.” The Video Vacuum

“The crude shot-on-video cinematography, the cheesy shuddery synthesizer score, and primitive dime-store make-up effects add to rather than detract from the infectiously scroungy charm of the entire seamy enterprise. A sensationally scuzzy and unapologetic serving of prime putrid grindhouse slop.” Woody Anders

“Terrible FX, awful acting and a non-existent sense of humour ensure that the moments in-between the trailers are an ordeal to sit through.” Digital Retribution


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