THE LAST THANKSGIVING (2020) Reviews and overview

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The Last Thanksgiving is a 2020 American horror feature film about a family of cannibalistic pilgrims that attacks a restaurant.

Written, directed and edited by Erick Lorinc – making his feature debut – the movie stars Linnea Quigley (The Good Things Devils Do; Jack-O; Night of the Demons; Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers; et al), Samantha Ferrand, Madelin Marchant (Sorority Secrets; Each Time I Kill), Michael Vitovich (Santastein; Safe House; Vile Prey) and Molly Dominick.


“This fares much stronger than other indie slasher entries thanks to a nice mix of steady craftsmanship, good characters/performers, and a steady feel of fun that keeps the film moving. The kills aren’t bad either, showing fun and over the top effects, most notably in the aftermath of “the gravy pit.” Samantha Ferrand plays a great final girl…” Dustin Baker

“Lorinc does a great job setting the table with a main course of horror peppered with a pinch of comedy, a side of inventive kills and a big bad helping of Pilgrim slasher. So as your settling in after your feast be sure to save room for a helping of The Last Thanksgiving it will be sure to counteract the tryptophan.” Gruesome magazine

“Writer/director Erick Lorinc’s low-budget horror indie The Last Thanksgiving delivers big time on the practical effects gore and gags but falls a bit short on its humor and social commentary goals […] The acting ranges from good to scenery-chewing to a bit on the corny side, with the cast members giving it their all in each of those variations and shades in between.” Horror Fuel

“There is a lot to like about The Last Thanksgiving. For one, it has a nice little 80s slasher flick feel to it and has an intriguing premise […] I had an absolute blast with this movie, and I think that a lot of viewers out there will feel the same way because it truly is an awesome little film.” HNN

The Last Thanksgiving combines delicious gore and a quirky cavalcade of characters which border between campy fun and creep-tastic […] Lorinc definitely entered the world of feature-length film with a bang. He created a gory tale of cannibals that does not take itself too seriously and knows how to enjoy the holiday.” Killer Horror Critic

” …the fun characters and dialogue made me laugh out loud many times. The first half of the movie was the strongest because of this. One big strike against it is that there were obviously some good gore and makeup FX that were either not showcased well or were cut away from too quickly.” Nick Weaver

Cast and characters (alphabetical):

Amanda Arrants … Woods Girl
Jake Balser … Hot Tub Boy
Annie Collins … 70s Axe Girl
Mitch Collins … Mr Taft
David Couter … 70s Party Guy
Molly Dominick … Trip’s Face
Bobby Eddy … Buddy
Samantha Ferrand … Lisa-Marie Taft
Laura Finley … Maggie Brimston
Emma Freeman … Young Woman
Symphony Glasgow … Pumpkin Girl
Sydney Gold … Car Daughter
Francisco D Gonzalez … Mr Pearl Sr.
Glenn Grimsley … Woods Boy
Tametria Harris … Mrs Kim
Lee Holland … 70s Party Girl
Branden Holzer … Eddie
Catherine Hoy … Hot Tub Girl
Janis Keeney … Car Mom
Nancy Keeney … Bartender
Erick Lorinc … Ranger Ghouly
Jesse Lorinc … Dog
Alex Lowe … Abigail Brimston (Age 22)
Madelin Marchant … Ms Perez
Beth McClary-Wolford … Mrs Taft
Matthew McClure … Kurt Brimston
Alex Michell … Mouthless
Annissa Omran … 70s Final Girl
Tristan Petashnick … Cordelia Brimston
Nicholas Punales … Mr Pearl
Linnea Quigley … Paulette
Robert Richards Jr. … Tyler
James Singer … Carol’s Boyfriend
Cabree Smith … Carol
Gaby Spampinato … Trudie
Gosta Utarefson … Abigail Brimston (Age 419)
Michael Vitovich … Trip Brimston

Technical details:

73 minutes

Teaser trailer:

Our rating:

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