MUMMY DEAREST (2020) Review of psychological horror


Mummy Dearest is a 2020 American horror feature film about a mother recently confined to a wheelchair who moves into her daughter’s home. Unfortunately, suggestions that the house is haunted and strange behaviour by her daughter’s boyfriend send her on a journey into madness.

Directed and co-produced by White Cross from a screenplay written by co-producer Jared Vineyard, the Cranial Sacral Productions movie stars Lou Ferrigno (The Incredible Hulk; Hercules), Tara Reid (Bus Party to Hell; Ouija House; Sharknado franchise), Michael Paré (Bridge of the DoomedAbbatoirBone TomahawkSicilian Vampire), Richard Tyson (Cry Havoc; The Obsidian Curse; Playing with Dolls) and Ken Davitian (May).


After an injury puts Scarlett Healy (Jennifer Cozza James) in a wheelchair, she moves in with her daughter, Autumn (Anna Sherman), who just moved into a creepy old house with her boyfriend, Frank Thrussel (Mike Valley). There’s one condition to the arrangement. Scarlett cannot interfere with Autumn’s relationship and find something wrong with Autumn’s new boyfriend, as she has a habit of doing.

Scarlett quickly finds horror in her new living arrangement as she starts seeing a ghostly figure and receives a warning from a strange neighbour, Quinton Jonesboro (Quinton Aaron) to get out of the house. Is the house haunted or are her medications causing hallucinations? Should Scarlett heed his warnings or is her neighbour just crazy?


“Awkwardly worked into this dull drama are very brief nightmare/fantasy scenes involving an Egyptian mummy, presumably to give them something interesting to put on the poster, and to see if anyone was still awake. Top-billed Lou Ferrigno still seems to give a damn about acting, pity he is barely in the movie. Tara Reid briefly shows up as a character who looks sh*tfaced…” Gav Crimson


Bayview Films releases Mummy Dearest on DVD on September 29th 2020.

Cast and characters:

Lou Ferrigno … Matthew Bradley
Tara Reid … Angel
Michael Paré … Doctor Jason
Ken Davitian … Malcolm Thrussel
Richard Tyson … Mr Norwood
Quinton Aaron … Quinton Jonesboro
Nikki Leigh … Cleopatra
Katy Bentz … Autumn (voice)
Anna Sherman … Autumn
Stan Divranos … Moving Man
Larry L Andrews … Annoyed Auto Worker
Jared Vineyard … Driver
Mike Valley … Frank Thrussel
Fuad Yakubov … Young Frank
Jennifer Cozza James … Scarlett Healy

Filming locations:

Hollywood, Los Angeles, California

Original titles:

Cranial Sacral


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