WEREWOLF ISLAND (2020) Reviews and overview

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‘The legend has bite’

Werewolf Island is a 2020 American horror film about a police detective investigating strange occurrences and attacks on the titular island.

Written, directed by and co-starring Michael James Alexander (also art director and special effects), the Westside Warrior Films production also stars T.J. Storm, Michael Wayne Foster and Calhoun Koenig.


The actual Dog Lady Island is located in Monroe, Michigan, and has been the location of horrible tragedies for many years. Detective Michael James is in a race to solve why these things keep happening after one of his own family members were attacked on the island. As he digs deep investigating he finds discovers that this curse has been going on for hundreds of years which motivates him to try to put an end to it before someone else dies…


” …the movie tries to do too much with very little. I loved the idea of the period pieces during the flashbacks. It shows that a lot of thought went into the production. Sadly, these flashbacks feel rushed and out of place at times while the “modern” segment of the film moves at a snail’s pace with no real story to tell.” Horror Society

“I give Michael J Alexander mad props for writing, directing, and acting in this film, and I appreciate him bringing light to a local legend, but I would be lying if I said I thought his acting was good. I could ignore that the camera, editing and effects aren’t up to Hollywood standards if the acting wasn’t so underwhelming.” Jeffrey Oliver Rock

“It’s the rare low budget horror flick that actually delivers the goods.  Even if it doesn’t have a legitimate werewolf, I can overlook that because the rest of the movie is so well done.  Alexander shows he is a talent to watch.  Not only did he create a few genuinely atmospheric sequences, he also wrote some pretty choice dialogue…” The Video Vacuum

Cast and characters:

T.J. Storm … Indian Chief Strong Wolf
Michael Wayne Foster … Commander Dereaux (as Michael Foster)
Michael James Alexander … Detective Michael James (as Michael Alexander)
Calhoun Koenig … Misu (Rippling Brook) Chief’s daughter
Rose Anne Nepa … Dorothy
Ammar Nemo … French soldier (Ramy Deveraux)
John Wells … young Lucky
Kristin Mellian … Ariel
Andrew Dawe-Collins … Lucky
Dennis Marin … Ben
Brian Heintz … Tomahawk
Barton Bund … Mickey
Mike T. Tremblay … Sammy (as Mike Tremblay)
Dennis Doyle Jr. … French soldier
Kara Joy Reed … Lilly

Technical details:

86 minutes

Alternate titles:

The Legend of Dog Lady Island (original title)
She Bites



Our rating:

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