HELLKAT (2020) Review and overview


‘Fight your demons. Save your soul.’

HellKat is a 2020 British action horror film about a fallen MMA fighter must win a netherworld no-holds-barred death tournament – she must fight against man, beast and demon to save her soul.

Directed by Scott Jeffrey (Bats: The Awakening; Bad Nun: Deadly Vows; Don’t Speak; Cupid; ClownDoll), Rebecca Matthews (Witches of Amityville Academy; The Candy Witch; Pet Graveyard) and Michael Hoad (action scenes) from a screenplay co-written by Michele Pacitto and Jordan Rockwell. Produced by Rob Hauschild, Scott Jeffrey, Rebecca Matthews and Victor Park.

The Proportion Productions movie stars Sarah T. Cohen (Bad Nun: Deadly Vows; Witches of Amityville Academy; Cupid; Clowndoll), Adrian Bouchet, Abi Casson Thompson (Rise of the Mummy; The Candy Witch; Cupid) and Ricardo Freitas.

The soundtrack score was composed by 20Six Hundred (Monster Force Zero).


“The first half of HellKat is devoid of any excitement, and when the action finally starts, the movie is concluded with haste. The characters in the story are not developed properly, and the narrative lacks coherence. It falls short on the technical side as well […]The few memorable moments come from Ryan Davies as he torments Katrina.” Film Threat

“The first thirty minutes of HellKat feels almost like an attempt at surreal horror and is maybe the closest the lackluster outing gets to trying to be a legitimate film […] Then the fighting tournament gets introduced and that’s when sh*t gets real. It’s also the moment when the viewer realizes that every cent of HellKat’s meager budget must have gone to the stunt people hired to make the combat scenes look good, because they’re definitely the best part of the film.” Killer Horror Critic

“The fight scenes are, sadly, lacklustre and without even a hint of a thrill.  They are shot without an audience in a darkened area which totally manages to fail to generate any level of excitement and the soundtrack is equally uninspired so it doesn’t do the usual job of building a bit of tension. A pity… an interesting concept but poorly executed.” Run Pee

“There is some nice practical makeup work on display in HellKat. They’re nice but it’s being sold as an action film more than a horror film, the press release compares it to Mortal Kombat, so they’re secondary to the action scenes. And the fight scenes, while not horrible, are never better than average.” Voices from the Balcony


HellKat is available On Demand and DVD via Uncork’d Entertainment on February 2, 2021.

Cast and characters:

Sarah T. Cohen … Katrina ‘HellKat’ Bash
Adrian Bouchet … Barkeep
Abi Casson Thompson … Salt
Ricardo Freitas … Freddy ‘Fish’ Bones
Richard D. Myers … Drunk
Ryan Davies … Jimmy Scott
Serhat Metin … Grizz
Frances Katz … Zombee
AJ Blackwell … Viper / Mordhund
Michael Hoad … Furbluh
Clive Coen … The Doctor
Vaani K Sharma … Mrs Grizz
Lewis Sycamore … Radio Host / Luke
Harvey McDonald … Jan Divine
Arthur Boan … Dagger
Marshall Hawkes … Matteo


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Downbeat, dank and somewhat depressing, HellKat is not helped by its slipshod UK-lensed faux USA setting which makes it even more of a struggle to sit through.

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