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‘Fear will find you…’
They’re Outside is a 2020 British found-footage horror film about a celebrity psychologist who is drawn into supernatural events while filming a documentary about an agoraphobic woman.

Directed by Airell Anthony Hayles (Heckle) and Sam Casserly from a screenplay written by the former,

The movie stars Emily Booth (Shed of the Dead; Inbred; Doghouse; Evil Aliens), Nicholas Vince (Book of Monsters; The Black Gloves; Nightbreed; Hellraiser and Hellbound), Tom Clayton-Wheatley and Chrissy Randall (Heckle; Night Shift; Basement Jack).


Max Spencer (Tom Clayton-Wheatley), a YouTube celebrity psychologist, host of the show ‘Psychology-Inside/Out’, sets himself the challenge of getting an intensely agoraphobic woman named Sarah (Chrissy Randall) to leave her home in old Hastings in just ten days.

However, as the minutes, hours and seconds count down, a creepy local legend about the black magic practising Green Eyes that holds the town in its grip, starts to become a horrifying reality…

They’re Outside mixes fact with fiction – incorporating the annual Jack in the Green event which takes place in Hastings, a real slice of folk horror in among the supernatural goings-on. It’s a passable film, clearly filmed on a minuscule budget, but captures well the scrappy and immediate feel of social media recordings.” Dark Eyes of London

They’re Outside is visibly influenced by The Wicker Man, but is most definitely an English film with mythology and characters I can believe in […] The credibility of the found footage and the spooky activity it presents is somewhat stretched as the film goes on, but fortunately, the sinister atmosphere also develops well so I don’t mind.” Ready Steady Cut


“There are great performances from Randall, who realistically conveys the struggles of an agoraphobia sufferer, and Wheatley, who plays the host who doesn’t really believe what he preaches and is quite a prick. They’re Outside is one of the most effective faux-doc/found footage films bolstered by the performances and engaging script.” Starburst

” …it does work up to some effective moments. But the introduction, which feels like it’s only there to put genre vet Vince’s name on the film and the general slow start really hurt the film. It’s doubly frustrating as Green Eyes is based on a real piece of folklore and the Jack in the Green celebration.” Voices from the Balcony

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