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‘A killer comedy with big… eyes.’
Killer Rack is a 2015 American comedy horror film directed by Greg Lamberson (Widow’s Point; Johnny Gruesome; Dry BonesSlime City) from a screenplay written by actor Paul McGinnis, producing it along with special effects designer Rod Durick.

The movie stars Jessica Zwolak (Johnny Gruesome; Dry Bones), Debbie Rochon (Death House; Hell Town; Model Hunger), Paul McGinnis (Let Her Out; Frankenstein’s Patchwork Monster; Dry Bones), Michael Thurber (Model Hunger; Flesh for the Inferno; The Sins of Dracula), Troma’s Lloyd Kaufman, Brooke Lewis (Dahmer vs. GacySlime City MassacreMs Vampy), Sam Qualiana (Attack of the Killer Shrews!; Snow Shark; Porkchop 3D), Robert Bozek and Roy Frumkes (director of Document of the Dead; writer of Street Trash).


Plot synopsis:
A feature-length screwball horror comedy about a woman whose new breast implants turn out to be Lovecraftian monsters hell-bent on world domination! It’s an outrageous concept which is funny as hell; it’s also actually endearing. The heroine is a survivor of a sexist culture that objectifies women. Our story is ultimately a comedy about female empowerment, and a warning against changing your physical appearance to please others.


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Poor Betty is unhappy with her love life, her work life, and her life-life, and blames her problems on her small breasts. Determined to change her life for the better, she consults with a breast enhancement surgeon, Dr Thulu, who harbours a diabolical plan to take over the world!

Betty has the surgery, and her life does indeed improve: she takes the upper hand in her romantic and work relationships, and learns what it’s like to be empowered.  But there are strange side effects: at night, while she’s asleep, the boobs take control of her body and guide her through the city streets, searching for men to seduce…and devour.


Betty becomes suspicious one morning when she awakens wearing a blood-soaked shirt. The only person she can turn to for help is Tim, a co-worker who has admired her from afar for a long time…but will she seek Tim’s help in time to save the entire world from her new puppies?


Killer Rack is an instant classic, a wild and wicked horror-comedy that fires on all cylinders and delivers throughout its 90-minute runtime. It’s perfect on damn near every level: direction, writing, cast, performances, music. It’s a movie that needs to be seen, embraced, and celebrated.” 411 Mania

Killer Rack nestles snuggly in between the two dirty pillows that are indie-pop culture and social undercurrents, but only hardcore fans who follow this particular niche filmmaking will understand and enjoy the special effects puppetry, the outlandish absurdity, and the homage barrage of references. Lamberson and McGinnis’ 2015 horror-comedy was completely made for us, the dedicated fans…” It’s Bloggin Evil

“The tentacles are a lowlight for the effects, but thankfully they’re a brief part of the movie. The dialogue is a mixed bag, with a lot of puns, dad jokes, and cliches, some of which are hilarious and others that make you cringe […] In terms of craziness, the premise is a wild one, but the movie doesn’t run with that concept.” Marc Fusion

“Intentionally absurd and packed with silly breast puns, this is SOV horror filmmaking at its nuttiest with a script that manages to differentiate itself from the average Troma film thanks to some wittier than usual banter and running gags.” Mondo Digital

Killer Rack is fun and playful, playing with movie conventions (a cop and his rookie partner, Bartles and James, chat about useless exposition in a diner and a homicide detective is chastised for his ineffectual double entendres). It’s also an incisive commentary on our superficial, beauty-obsessed society.” Really Awful Movies

“Intended to be more of a comedy with horror film elements than the other way around, this one won’t scare you but it might gross you out and it will make you laugh. There’s a lot to like here, this is clever, original and really well done.” Rock! Shock! Pop!

“Films like Naked Gun or Airplane aren’t my genre of choice but this big boobie movie does have some laughs. It wasn’t until the third half when the monster rack is released then this Killer Rack reaches its peak. You can expect extreme stereotypes, lots of breast and dumb male jokes with an excellent B-Horror finish with mostly practical effects and one killer rack.” Without Your Head


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Cast and characters:
Jessica Zwolak … Betty
Debbie Rochon … Doctor Thulu
Paul McGinnis … Tim
Michael Thurber … Mr Raquel
Lloyd Kaufman … Doctor Foin
Brooke Lewis Bellas … Killer Rack voice
Sam Qualiana … Dutch
Bob Bozek … Nurse Herbie East
Brittani Hare … Sandrah Dee-Dee
Michael O’Hear … Bartles
Alexander S. McBryde … James
Tim O’Hearn … Gearz
Julian Dickman … Tickbite
Sephera Giron … Gypsy
Roy Frumkes … Businessman

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