SHARK WEEK (2012) Reviews and overview


‘7 days, 7 sharks… 1 survivor!’

Shark Week – aka Shark Assault and Shark Island – is a 2012 American action horror film directed by Christopher Ray (5-Headed; 3-Headed and 2-Headed Shark AttackMega Shark vs. Kolossus) from a screenplay by Liz Adams and H. Perry Horton (Mega Shark vs. Mecha Shark2-Headed Shark Attack; A Haunting in Salem). The Asylum production stars Yancy Butler, Patrick Bergin and Joshua Michael Allen.


A group of complete strangers find themselves kidnapped and isolated by a wealthy madman named Tiburon (Patrick Bergin) and his female partner (Yancy Butler) on his island compound…


Shark Week is another meager offering with plenty of cartoonish CGI beasts […] director Chris Ray does what he can to hide them, but it only renders the shark attacks mostly incomprehensible, so what should be the most satisfying part doesn’t even pay off except in unintentional humor.” Oh, the Horror!

“It seems like The Asylum are learning their lessons and not constantly bombarding the viewer with scenes that last a maximum of a minute before rapidly moving on to the next one. The film tries to draw itself out a little bit, introducing the overall problem quickly but then settling down a little to try and flesh out the characters and develop some sort of story.” Popcorn Pictures

” …the whole movie is so poorly written and executed that any hope of it being funny due to the sheer suspension of disbelief that you are expected to have is wasted and it just becomes annoying. The dialogue is equally terrible…” The Video Graveyard

“While the story proves halfway interesting and the picture moves along at a reasonable pace, it sadly suffers from many of the shortcomings found in the majority of lower-end Asylum features. The picture features largely miserable special effects.”

“For a movie about man-eating sharks, and especially for the usually over-the-top business model of The Asylum, the deaths were practically PG by comparison. In fact, in the beginning when the group endured their first attack, the principals were practically unscathed afterwards, not a scratch on any of them.” Matchflick

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“We didn’t even get the one prosthetic shark head held by some guy off camera to work with. Our actors just splashed in water to simulate shark attacks, when it really just looked like they were just splashing in water. And the sharks growled…” Film Critics United

Choice dialogue:

“You know why most shark attacks happen the three feet of water? Because that’s where the food is!”

“Anyone want sushi?”

Main cast:

  • Yancy Butler – Death Race 2050; Lake Placid vs. Anaconda; Rage of the Yeti
  • Patrick Bergin – GallowWalkers; Highway to Hell; Ghostwood
  • Joshua Michael Allen – Age of Dinosaurs; Nazis at the Center of the Earth
  • Bart Baggett
  • Erin Coker
  • Frankie Cullen
  • Valerie K. Garcia
  • Billy Ray
  • Meredith Thomas
  • Robert Matthew Wallace
  • Eric Wilson
  • Israel Wright
  • Josh Williams
  • John Paul Bennett

Filming locations:

  • Eleuthera Island, Bahamas
  • Malibu, California