The Canadoo – USA, 2016 – reviews

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‘Reality meets Legend’

The Canadoo is a 2016 American horror feature film co-produced, edited and directed by Raymond Wood (The Millbrook Summoning) from a screenplay by Chris Piner (The Millbrook Summoning). The Darkwood Pictures production stars Tyler Buckingham, Alina Lia and Dréy Wigfall.


When five fame-hungry millennials are chosen to be contestants on a reality survival TV show, it appears they have been given a chance at celebrity stardom. However, when a mixture of strange discoveries, unexplained occurrences, and mysterious disappearances plague the group, they begin to turn on one another, wondering if they are actually on a game show or if someone playing a game of their own…


The Canadoo takes a lot of time to get anywhere near a horror film. The majority of the film is spent giving the characters conversational moments, rather than building tension amongst them and the wilderness. For a non-horror film, this would be entirely fine, but when the movie has less than thirty minutes left, you begin wondering why the “scares” amount to a handful of rustlings in the bushes around the group’s camp.”

Cast and characters:

  • Tyler Buckingham … Shawn – Burnt Offering; The Walking Dead TV series; The Vampire Diaries TV series
  • Alina Lia … Ashley
  • Dréy Wigfall … Derrick
  • Ali White [as Ali Roberts] … Taylor – The SluaghThe Ghostbusters: A Web Series
  • Teddy Cole … Adam
  • Brook Todd … Old Man

Filming locations:

Atlanta, Georgia, USA


The Canadoo was completed in September of 2016. It was shown at the American Film Market (AFM) in November 2016.


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