CONJURING THE GENIE (2021) Reviews – now free to watch online


‘Make your wish. Pay the price.’

Conjuring the Genie is a 2021 British supernatural horror film about a young lady that unwittingly unleashes a demonic genie from an ancient amulet. Also known as Evil Genie and Devil Djinn

Written, produced, directed and edited by Scott Jeffrey (Cannibal Troll; Rats RebornBad Nun: Deadly VowsDon’t SpeakCupidClownDoll).


The movie stars Megan Purvis (Rise of the MummyThe Young CannibalsTh’dread Rattlin’), Nicola Wright (Exorcist Vengeance; The Curse of Humpty Dumpty; Hatched; Amityville Cornfield),  Sarah T. Cohen (HellKatCupidWitches of Amityville Academy),  Barbara Dabson (Rats Reborn; Rise of the Mummy; The Candy Witch), Stephanie Lodge (Medusa: Queen of the Serpents; The Mermaid’s Curse; Don’t Speak) and Amanda-Jade Tyler.


After the passing of her father, Morgan (Megan Purvis) is told by her course tutor she must complete an assignment on an urban legend. Morgan and her friends awake the demonic genie from an amulet. Their wishes are granted one by one. Morgan is granted the wish of her father’s life back.

However, soon, the group of friends realise their wishes are about to turn deadly – and they will realise the horrors the genie can create…


“this one lingers over the characters’ daily drama with mixed results (Sarah T Cohen is always good in these things, but other cast members are notably less charismatic). When they eventually come through the payoffs to the ‘wishes’ prove memorable, and despite this being an evil genie movie Jeffrey still manages to get more use out of that mummy costume from Rise of the Mummy.” Gav Crimson

Conjuring the Genie’s Djinn itself doesn’t look anything like the beings from Arab folklore. It’s a rather generic-looking monster who’s mask doesn’t let its mouth move when it talks. There’s no gore either, but with this being a Scott Jeffrey film that’s not a shock. Effects cost money and slow down filming. Can’t be having that when you’re cranking out a film a month on budgets made up from change found between sofa cushions.” Voices from the Balcony

Release date:

Devil Djinn has a planned release date of July 3rd 2021.

Cast and characters:

Megan Purvis … Morgan Adams
Nicola Wright … Sue Adams
Bao Tieu … Djinn
Sarah T. Cohen … Lea Johnston
Jack Edwards … Jake
Max Beken … Tom
Mya Brown … Diane
Samuel Woodhams … Paul
Antonia Johnstone … Saskia
Barbara Dabson … Gina
Amanda-Jade Tyler … Miss Collins
Kate Sandison … Jen
Ben Reid … Matt
Ryan Davies … Professor Frake
James Robertson … Alan
Stephanie Lodge … Lynn


Not to be confused with the American horror film The Djinn (2021).

Full film free to watch online:

Full film free to watch online [posted by V Horror Movies as Make Your Wish]: