RIPPER’S REVENGE (2023) Reviews of Steve Lawson’s sequel

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‘He hunts again’
Ripper’s Revenge
is a 2023 British horror film that chronicles more murders in Jack the Ripper‘s style. Is he back or is it a copycat killer? The movie is a sequel to Ripper Untold

Written, produced and directed by Steve Lawson (The Highwayman; The Fourth Musketeer; Jekyll and Hyde; Bram Stoker’s Van HelsingSaltwater: The Battle for Ramree IslandThe Haunting of AlcatrazPentagramThe Exorcism of Karen WalkerHellriserKillerSaurusNocturnal Activity).

The Creativ Studios production stars Chris Bell (Ripper Untold; The Mummy: Resurrection; Knights of the Damned; The Curse of Robert the Doll; Haunted franchise), Rachel Warren (The Last Heist; York Witches Society; Blackbird; Pentagram), Carl Wharton (The Mummy: Resurrection; Exiled: The Chosen Ones; The Tombs; The Convent), Ayvianna Snow (Video Shop Tales of Terror; Blood Spirit; Hollow; The Seven), Cassandra French (The Phantom Warrior; Mandy the Haunted Doll; Clowndoll; The Bad Nun), Marcus Langford (The Mummy: Resurrection; The Haunting of Alcatraz; Hellriser), Vicki Glover (Conjuring the Genie 2; Jekyll and Hyde; Coven of Evil; Jekyll and Hyde; KillerSaurus; Bikini Girls v Dinosaurs), Danielle Sanderson, Rafe Bird (The Mummy: Resurrection) and Hannah Willars.


Plot synopsis:
One year after the notorious Jack the Ripper murders, the killings have stopped, but the identity of the killer remains a mystery. Down-at-heel newspaper reporter Sebastian Stubb (Chris Bell) has moved on to reporting on other scandals, but when a new “Ripper” letter appears on his desk and the killings start again, he unwittingly finds himself at the centre of a new mystery. Has the “Ripper” returned, or is it a copycat killer? Or something else entirely?

“A beautifully shot independent movie that sadly suffers from its budgetary restrictions when it comes to filming locations. With a little bit more money and variety this could have been a really special movie with a strong script, great direction, solid performances all going in the film’s favour. Worth a watch if you can tolerate the very limited changes of scenery.” 3 out of 5, Back to the Movies

Ripper’s Revenge allows the characters to tell the story without relying on gore for gore’s sake, unlike traditional slasher films. This allows for a more rounded story that is more psychological and keeps you engaged from start to a very satisfying ending […] All in all, Ripper’s Revenge is a clever and solid entry in the Jack the Ripper mythos, the score is understated and complements the film and I for one would be happy to visit this world again.” Fan Carpet


“What writer/director Steven Lawson has crafted (along with the rest of the cast and crew of course) is a gem of a film.  What could easily have been yet another low-budget cash-in film about a serial killer is actually a beautiful-looking film that I’d definitely recommend.  As soon as the film starts (with a scene featuring Ayvianna Snow) I was super impressed with the look of the film with its beautiful classic feel…” From Page 2 Screen

“The overall film is well done technically, and while locations and sets are limited compared to Hollywood budgets, this is a well-shot, well-lit, and competently directed and edited film […] The acting of Bell is clearly in my opinion his best work to date, with a real chance to shine as lead. Likewise, Warren has once again shown her growing status as a leading lady with a fiery performance.” The Goss


“The audience is fully immersed in the storyline, in part thanks to the lighting and the settings being quite dreary, as you would expect from that era. Even the effects were simple yet realistic when it came to the gore. Of course, this could have been even better with a higher budget. Overall, Ripper’s Revenge is a brilliant film…” Horror Screams Video Vault

“As the story moves towards its third act, the elements are there for an interesting ending to this tale about profiting from sensationalised tales which invade people’s privacy. What’s unfortunate is the disappointing way it is handled, as things come together in sadly rushed and heavy-handed instances. Despite some glaring accents and lesser performances, this story remains interesting right up to the effective ending.” 3.5 out of 5, Nerdly


“There is a small body count, with a bunch of these kills not shown on screen, but then the focus is always on Stubb himself who despite what the authorities want to believe, isn’t actually present during the murders. The soundtrack did a good job of creating the right sort of feel, nothing spectacular, but it fitted the scenes well […] I admit I did enjoy this one, mainly thanks once again to the surprisingly good performance from Bell.” 7 out of 10, The Rotting Zombie

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Ripper’s Revenge was released by High Fliers Films on DVD and Digital in April 2023.

Technical specs:
1 hour 25 minutes


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