IT KNOWS YOU’RE ALONE (2021) Preview of Delirium Films horror



‘It’s awake. It’s hungry.’

It Knows You’re Alone is a 2021 Canadian-American horror film about a young woman tormented by a sinister old phone and a ghostly woman.

Written and directed by Chris Alexander (Girl with a Straight Razor; Space VampireNecropolis: LegionFemale VampireBlood for IrinaQueen of Blood). Produced by Charles Band.

The movie stars Ali Chappell (The Abominations of FrankensteinThe Final RideNecropolis: LegionLate Night Double Feature) and Bee Dawley (The Dwelling; Night Cries).


Combining the saturated colour and melodrama of Douglas Sirk, the leering, low budget vibe of vintage ‘70’s Euro-horror and the psychedelic weirdness of TV’s Night Gallery, It Knows You’re Alone tells the tale of Natalie (Bee Dawley), a woman living a lonely life of self-isolation in her crumbling, antique-filled home by the sea.

When she finds a massive, sinister nautical phone washed up on the beach, she brings it home and soon begins having vivid nightmares of a ghostly woman in black (Ali Chappell, Necropolis: Legion). As the haunted phone keeps ringing and dreams bleed into reality, the parasitic woman in black begins to invade Natalie’s mind and body.”


The microbudget Delirium Films release will premiere on Amazon Prime and Full Moon Features in October 2021.