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‘Your life in their hands’
Prototype is a 2022 science fiction film set in the near future about a family whose home help androids turn against them in deadly ways.

Directed and photographed by Jack Peter Mundy (Easter Bunny Massacre; Monsters of War; The Legend of Jack and Jill; Amityville Scarecrow; Dinosaur Hotel) from a screenplay written by Sam Gurney (The Return of the Salem Witch).

Produced by Scott Jeffrey (Spider in the AtticThe MutationBatsBad Nun: Deadly VowsCupidClownDoll) and Rebecca Matthews (Witches of Amityville AcademyThe Candy WitchPet Graveyard).

The British Proportion Productions movie stars:
Danielle ScottPterodactyl; The Curse of Humpty Dumpty; Spider in the Attic
Andrew RolfeThe Mutation; Dragon Fury; Tooth Fairy: The Last Extraction
Stephanie Lodge Beneath the Surface; Conjuring the GenieRise of the MummyMedusa
Jamie RobertsonBeneath the Surface

In the near future, life-like androids with artificial intelligence have been created to help people with menial household tasks.


The prototype, One, created by Roger Marshall and tested by his family, proves to be popular but flawed. Roger has been working on a new model, Two, whose improved features show promise of its super-human abilities.

As tensions rise between Roger and his wife Shelley, the androids malfunction and the lives of the whole family are soon in danger of Two’s sinister plans…


“Ultimately Prototype offers nothing new to the “robots out of control” sub-genre but it’s still a great slice of British horror, backed up by some great performances, notably Danielle Scott as Roger’s put-upon wife; and Tom Taplin as Michael, Roger’s son who has a mean streak just like his father…” 3/5 Nerdly

“The robots are obviously actors with masks and prosthetics on their heads and necks. You can see the skin around their eyes through the mask’s eye holes which kills the intended effect […] While not the worst thing to come off of the Proportion Pictures assembly line, Prototype still isn’t anything I can recommend.” Voices from the Balcony

Release date:
Left Films will release Prototype on Digital on April 5, 2022.

Cast and characters:
Danielle Scott … Shelley Marshall
Andrew Rolfe … Graham
Stephanie Lodge … Olivia
Jamie Robertson … Roger Marshall
Ben Reid … Teen
Zoe Purdy … Two
Luke Robinson … One

Technical details:
1 hour 28 minutes


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Not to be confused with Marcelo Grion’s The Prototype (also 2022).


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